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Good PC gaming websites

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Do you know of any good PC gaming-centered websites? I used to read stuff on PC Gamer a lot, but it seems like they've putting too much articles that don't have much to do with PC games at all. Then i moved on to Dark Side of Gaming, but it's got their own set of issues; lack of variety when it comes to news and other articles, as well as extremely toxic comments. Too many times i go there only to end up seeing stuff like "[insert game name here] gets an ESRGAN enhanced texture mod", or "game x becomes a timed Epic Store exclusive", as well as the millionth "Apex Legends" or Anthem article.
Back in the mid 2000's i used to visit Gamespot, but they were always more console-centric, so it didn't make sense for me to read about games that i would never get to play even if i wanted to.

The main things i'm looking for are basically news on upcoming releases, as well as reviews.

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