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Lila Feuer

Adding 'loose' games to Doomsday (2.1.1)

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So I don't have my Steam or most of my GOG copies installed but I do have GOG's Ultimate Doom on which Doomsday detected. I'm guessing everything in this port is profile based now and needs root folders otherwise it won't detect my Doom II, TNT, Plutonia, Heretic and Hexen IWADs which are all chilling in my GZDoom folder. I tried to add the folder since it gave me the option to do so, and upon confirming the whole program just quits. Try to re-open it, bombs out before it even gets in. So Doomsday somehow corrupted itself and I had to redo my config in the runtime folder so it would stop crashing. So, is there any way to reliably add loose IWADs to the program without screwing everything up or do I have to reinstall my 'legit' copies so it doesn't have a fart attack?

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So can you actually launch Doomsday, or does it just crash? Because if you can, just press Esc while in main menu, click the gear icon on the menu bar at the bottom of the screen and go to Data Files -> Add Folder.


If you can't, then it sounds like the issue is a broken config and/or Doomsday installation, rather than missing IWADs, especially since you've already pointed it to the directory. I'd try reinstalling Doomsday or making sure you got your config right, also try running it with the default one and see if it works.


You could also try running it with -iwad parameter: find your Doomsday shortcut (or create one), open it's properties and on the "Shortcut" tab add 

-iwad "c:\games\doom\iwads"

after "Doomsday.exe". Use your path instead of the example one, obviously. Then just use the shortcut to launch Doomsday.


There's also a full list of ways of setting your IWAD directory here, if you want all the options: https://manual.dengine.net/guide/2.2/readme_windows#loading_iwads

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