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The Mis-Adventures of Dynamite 3D [ALPHA BUILD]

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Posted (edited)

***A L P H A B U I L D   W A R N I N G ! ! ! ***


Hello Doomworld! It's your favourite neighbourhood letter of the alphabet! H! (DynamiteKaitorn). This here is the alpha build of my up coming TMoD 3D project. So far, I have a couple levels made (albeit in rough shapes) and a good few models made. Don't be surprised if things break down easily during your test. XD


Things to note:


1 - This was tested with GZDooM 3.6

2 - This in an alpha build.

3 - This uses DooM 2 as a base (barely XD)

4 - This NEEDS mouse aim as well as jump+crouch

5 - This uses 3D models AND Dynamic lights so make sure your engine supports it!

6 - Yes, Ultimate IS that sadistic!





Screensies! [Mostly just what I've already posted on the POST YOUR DOOM PICTURE HERE! threads but so you don't have to dig them out, here ya go :)]








Sapphire and Dynamite (Man she looks ugly XD)



Snoooow! :D




Oooo foggy........


Following few screensies are from the 4th map of hub 2.








EDIT 01 - Okay guys! Alpha 1.1 is finally out! Enjoy the second hub to it's fullest potential and try out the new PINK blaster! :o I've also added some music to a few of the levels as well as clean up a few hitboxes on some of the collectibles.

Edited by DynamiteKaitorn : Updated Link to newest build.

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