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Theresa May resigns as British PM

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Not surprising, seeing as how she kind of forced herself into a Kobayashi Maru. Boris Johnson's gotta be licking his chops right about now. 

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im worried the next dumbass conservative PM will be better at flattery and get the worst possible brexit voted through

this should really trigger an actual election cos everything's a huge mess

having boris johnson or michael gove or some other dickens character step into the position doesn't do anything for anyone

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5 hours ago, yakfak said:

im worried the next dumbass conservative PM will be better at flattery


"Luckily" all the tories who've been mentioned in the press as replacements are simpletons. If anything, the likes of Rees-Mogg/Johnson/Gove would be marginally worse at negotiating than May was.

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So we have had parliamentary inferno under Theresa May.

Now it will be time for thy democracy consumed under the next PM.

changing the leader will do naff all as it doesn’t change the maths in parliament. It just continues the never ending joke about the people who are in charge of the UK....

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Posted (edited)

She volunteered for the job of eating a shit sandwich. The sandwich remains uneaten, and is even less appetizing now, even if the incoming person seems to think otherwise.


With hindsight, her big mistake was pretending there was a coherent plan, and that it had any chance of working. A quick second referendum, basically asking "OK, so how exactly do you want to do this thing?" would have been a better idea than that self-destructive general election that was never going to clarify anything (since even a huge Conservative majority would still have been hopelessly divided on Brexit), and, as it turned out, ended up muddying the waters further.


And Boris, holy crap. He reminds me of some of the morons I bumped into at Cambridge*. Privileged and over-educated, but with no useful thoughts on anything and never having had to achieve anything on their own merits.


* Most people there were great, I should add.


Edited by Grazza : Capital C in Conservative to clarify for our American friends that this is the British political party, not the bonkers far-right religion-fueled US ideology.

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I don't know if I should dread what comes next when it comes to PMs. The sheer thought of having Boris is just gonna turn Britain into a laughing stock. Though to be fair, I'd rather a goofball PM who I couldn't take seriously over someone like Theresa May and Thatcher. And BTW, Farage can fuck off as well.

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