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My further efforts into Doom mapping

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So, a while ago (Almost a year ago, actually... Holy shit, it's been a year!) I posted a thread with my very first maps, where I asked for some feedback. So now I'm back, and I have more maps to show you guys, and I hope I can get some more awesome feedback, like last time!


And no, I did not spend one entire year working on these. I dropped the project for a long while, and got back to it recently.


Game: Doom 2
Levels: Map01, Map02 and Map03

Software used: Doom Builder
Compatibilty: Tested with Zandronum and Gzdoom. Should be compatible with most mods as well.

Additional credits: Nick Baker, aka NiGHTMARE for the waterfall textures

I couldn't find any specific credits on the song used on the second level. It was simply credit to Composers of MSB on the title.




Download link

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Hey @Suitepee you're awesome! Thank you for playing my maps again! Yes, sadly I haven't been getting as much feedback for these as I did for my first maps, but hey, it was nice seeing someone play through it again, like last time.


The midi on the first map is actually a song from Faith No More, but noted, a lot of people seemed to not like it very much, so I'll change it. Oh, the lift with the blue armor on the second map was supposed to be a secret, I remember tagging it, but it clearly wasn't the case on this file, I'll check in the editor later.

Thanks again for playing it on your stream!

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