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haruko haruhara

How to make a invasion wad


I've been trying to make a invasion wad but I know how to put custom monsters but the main thing is I have no idea how to make invasion waves stop spawning after the first wave after the first wave the 2nd wave an all that btw I'm doing this invasion wad in doom builder in skulltag in hexen format an the other things I want to know is how to how to make the doors open after the waves end in the first room for example I killed 5 waves an the door opens all by itself an I want to know more skulltag acs features an more things I want to create invasion wads like Armageddon an futur war an chaos from hell invasion and so many more invasion wads any help would be great



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I've never used skulltag so I'm not totally sure about this, but having that it's based on Zdoom I hope it works.

First of all I haven't completly understood when do you want your waves to stop, and how exactly you've builded them. Are them teleports? Closets? Spawns using ACS? 

In order to open the doors you have to give to each monster of the last wave a tag and then write a code to check if all of them are dead. An example follows 


script 1 ENTER


       while (ThingCount (T_NONE, 1) > 0)

                  Delay (35);

       Door_open (1, 64, 0);



This script will loop in the while command until all the monsters with tag 1 are dead (and this is checked once per second, according to the delay). Then, the doors tagged with 1 are opened at the speed of 64.

Here you can find informations about ACS functions


Complete list of ACS functions:



ACS action specials:

In other words how to use the normal linedefs action in your scripts



Skulltag specific ACS functions:




As long as you don't provide the method your waves work I can't be more specific I'm sorry

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