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Is there a mod to limit up/down look angle?

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I like using free-look with the mouse, but its very obvious maps weren't designed without vertical auto-aim in mind. My problem is I think it sucks.


Is there a mod that would allow me to limit how high and how low I can look up or down with the mouse to make it more comparable to what auto-aim would do?


That would combine the best of both for me. 



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Posted (edited)

If you are using GZDoom, there is a console variable for limiting up/down look angle: maxviewpitch.

You can open the console and enter

maxviewpitch 60


maxviewpitch 45


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Posted (edited)

Yes I am using GZDoom, thank you!


I found maxviewpitch 32 to be an almost exact match

Edited by 22_deathgrip

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