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Lord Gaelish

The Mansion (Classic Style Doom 2 WAD)

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone!


This is my first attempt at mapping, and frankly, I don't know if it is any good. It features custom music created by "The Leviathan's Music" on YouTube.

I used vanilla Doom 2 assets and designed the map so that it can be played without jumping/crouching, but freelook can be very helpful at times. I tried to create a "classic" style map here, which has a mansion-type theme. The map is rather short and action-packed. Playing on UV is recommended. Feedback is very welcome!


You will find screenshots and a link to the WAD below. Have a great day!


Download link (with key!)


Game: Doom 2

Level: MAP01

Difficulty: Best played on UV. It shouldn't be too hard.

Software: Doom Builder

Compatibility: Tested with GZDoom, but should run on any port. 

Credits: The Leviathan's Music - link to the track used:







Edited by Lord Gaelish : Key for the MEGA link was missing.

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4 minutes ago, Odorousbag87 said:

Hey, what is the decryption key for the map? 

I completely forgot, sorry! It should work now.

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I liked it however, a lot of it felt generated at times. But I could tell by the layout it wasn't. Additionally, I really liked the general feel of this wad and progression. Until the end when I had a cold BFG. I only shot it once. I think a gotchya or maybe a couple of barons at the end would be a great finisher and give me a reason to pull out the old BFG. Keep it up! 

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