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[simple MAP01] The Processor

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Posted (edited)

The Relaxed Afternoon Mapping with You line of garbagedelishes presents...


         ---------== The Processor ==---------







  • Tested with PRBoom+ and GZDoom
  • Difficulty settings implemented
  • IWAD: Doom II
  • Map: MAP01
  • You're not supposed to jump, but I won't stop you because I'm a good boi =)


This is a relaxed sorta techbase type map I made with a bit of insipration. Now it's available here: TheProcessor.wad.zip


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Hello, so i played your wad, and i must say that i was a little bit confused about the exit of the level being so...easy to find..i got 55% of total of killing monsters...so maybe i got it too fine and past trought it easily? Either way, you keep going ;) Cheers!

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Yes. You skipped several secrets and side areas. Nonetheless, I liked your video, ficou bom! =)


It's a helpful insight in terms of how someone would play their first time around the map. Enjoyable!

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Posted (edited)

Hey Johnny! Yes, it's that same old Gustavo that used to be controversial and edgy. I look back at my past and cringe. Just like they used to tell me I would! I wonder how...


  • I see you missed half of the secrets. They hold many of the gimmicks I find interesting, though I realize it wasn't very intuitive to find most of them.
  • The Eureka map editor makes it tiresome to deal with texture alignment, so I thought a bit of it would maybe break the boredness of tiling. Turns out it only worsens the map, and makes it feel amateurish.
  • The map is short, as I did it on a short Twitch stream, though I did improve it a bit prior to releasing.
  • I focused in the non-linearity, though I agree I focused a bit too much on that.

I have more in mind, though. It has been a good while since I last mapped, but don't worry, I will release something interesting soon! =)


And thanks for taking a look at my map! I really appreciate it; it's easy to underestimate the help people like you wind up becoming for us, mappers, when we have to know what exactly to keep in mind in future projects =)


EDIT: I also note that this is meant to be a simplistic map. I made it to relax myself and to have a project that wasn't boring old code. Maybe I went a bit overboard with that... hmm...

Edited by Gustavo6046

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Very strange map, almost feels like something out of ALT. The progression is weird and the level design is quite cramped. You know what, I liked it, though. It was a short little romp and almost felt like a puzzle map. Fun stuff, simple, but fun. There were a few misaligned textures and other common mistakes.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/30/2019 at 3:42 PM, Egg Boy said:

the level design is quite cramped.

That is the #1 issue I'm trying to fix in my map design. I think it's because I zoom a bit too much in Eureka (the map editor I use now because Linux. GZDB would ease things out, trust me.), or don't have much of a notion of how a length in the screen equates to a room size ingame. :P


I tried to balance the puzzle and the straightforwardness, which is why there are so many optional areas.


But thank you!

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