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Naked Snake

Don's Challenge II

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Yeah, so I left you all in the dark on what happened to me when Mortis sent me on my merry old way, so here I go. From the moment I teleported in I knew this was going to be a tough trip. All around me were corpses, which I promptly looted for ammo and found some nice brass knuckles. I knew the rusty old .357 wasn't much but hell, at least Mortis gave me a gun. I searched around a bit and came upon a room with two pillars, they looked electronic. Walked up the steps to see some more ammo and a bottle of booze. I nabbed the bottle of whiskey and took a swig. Burnt a bit but I welcomed the taste. I walked down the steps again to go down a narrow hallway, it was poorly lit and I tripped over something. Just another corpse. The door at the end was unlocked so I flipped the switch...

The room was like the rest I had seen. Dark. But there was a room in the center, and inside was a human carrying a rifle. He was covered in blood and his eyes burned blood red. He roared at me and opened fire. His aim was shit and missed me by a lot. I aimed and fired, took one shot to put the bastard down. I went over and nabbed the ammo from his belt. The rifle looked worse than my .357 so I left it, it would probably die quickly anyway. The next room was a change, it was lit up well, but instead of a human I saw...a...THING. It had white spikes protruding from its muscular brown body. It's hiss was worse than a snakes. I blasted it but it didn't go down. Instead, it tossed a fireball at me. I ducked behind the wall and heard the fireball scorch the wall. I rushed out and fired two more shots, finally putting it down. The zigzaged pathway was crumbling and on one side there was a green liquid. I didn't check it out but I think it was toxic. Whatever, I didn't care, all I wanted was to get the hell back home to my wife and kids.

After the zigzag room I approached another door. Another brown thing! It hissed but I didn't fire at it. I shot the barrel it was standing next to. The explosion killed the monster and knocked me back. I got up and dusted myself off and walked back into the room. Mortis appeared right in front of me.
"You are doing well, Mr. Tello." was all she said and she disappeared again. I walked forth to the elevator, opened the door and stepped inside. I pressed down and when the elevator stopped I heard a voice say "Now entering : Computing".

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bigbadgangsta said:

...I heard a voice say "Now entering : Computing".

Well that's interesting, Intermission between levels. Nice job;)

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