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Doom 3 FAQ needs an overhaul

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The Doom 3 FAQ has barely been touched in ages, and it's beginning to look a tad out of date. Sadly with my schoolwork I don't have a whole lot of time to go through and basically rewrite it, so I was wondering if there was anyone who would be willing to step up to the plate and give it a shot.

A while back Zaldron made an update MSWord version, but since I don't have Word installed and didn't want to convert the whole thing to HTML, that was never used. Might be a good basis.

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Yeah, this is what I got done but due to my limited knowledge of Doom 3, this is far as I could get. Should be a decent base for somebody to finish it off.

Q) What is Doom 3?

A) Doom 3 is the latest installment of the Doom series. It is being made by id Software, the team that made Doom, Wolfenstein and Quake.

Q) What is so special about it?

A) Pretty much everything. The engine is a huge advance in technology and aside from that it is a new Doom game, damnit.

Q) Where can I find some great info on Doom 3?

A) Many places, such as http://www.doomworld.com/doom3/info/ , http://www.doomworld.com/links/?category=2 and the Doomworld Forum's Doom 3 forum.

Q) This all sounds so cool, is there any videos or screenies?

A) Yep. They can be found here at http://www.doomworld.com/doom3/movies/ and screenies at http://www.doomworld.com/doom3/screenshots/ .

Q) What the hell is this bootleg video?

A) It is gameplay footage from Doom 3.

Q) OH! Where can I get it?

A) We can't tell you that, because it is illegal and id Software has asked it not be spread.

Q) What about leaked betas or something?

A) None are known but once again, we couldn't allow them.

Q) Who is working on Doom 3?

A) *shamelessly ripped from the old Doom 3 FAQ*


* John Carmack
* Jim Dose
* Jan Paul van Waveren
* Robert Duffy
* Graeme Devine

Level designers:

* Paul Jaquays - sadly, he left
* Tim Willits
* Christian Antkow
* Malvern Blackwell


* Adrian Carmack
* Kevin Cloud
* Kenneth Scott
* Seneca Menard
* Fred Nilsson


* Trent Reznor


* Marty Stratton (biz guy)
* Eric Webb (intern / tech support)
* Todd Hollenshead (CEO)
* Donna Jackson (id mom)

Q) Man, this stuff is so cool but I want inside information, not just from some Doom news site. Where can I get the skinny on Doom 3 from id themselves?

A) Right here sparky http://www.webdog.org/cgi-bin/showcompany.plm?company=id%20Software

Q) Ok, Doom 3 looks sweet but will we have to wait for the final product before playing it?

A) John Carmack has said there will be a test.

Q) The one question on everyone's mind. WHEN!?

A) Hmm, that we do not know, but sometime in 2003 hopefully (the final release, that is).

Q) What are the system requirements of Doom 3?

A) These requirements are not official but best guesses.

Absolute minimum: 600Mhz+ CPU, 128MB RAM, GeForce1 or Radeon video card

Recommended: 1Ghz+ CPU, 256MB RAM, GeForce3 or Radeon 8500

Excellent: 2Ghz+ CPU, even more RAM, GeForce4, Radeon 9700 or higher

But once again, these are not official stats, just best guesses.

Q) Any other info on Doom 3?

A) Well, there was a recording of John Carmack's speech at a QuakeCon event which you can find (Ling, you'll have to put this locally on DW. *url gone to save bandwith*

Q) What weapons are confirmed?

A) Most of the original Doom weapons, if not all will be returning. No info on other guns other than speculation on a railgun.

Q) Items, monsters, what about them?

A) Very little to no info has been given on the items but expect to see a lot of old Doom favorites returning in Doom 3.

Q) Will Doom 3 be ported to any consoles?

A) There will most likely be an X-Box port of Doom 3.

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With Flathead's permission, I'll give his two FAQ threads a major workover, turning into Q & A form and adding all this info stuff that BBG has suggested, plus whatever I get around to myself.

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Overhaul complete!
I basically used BBG's faq and added very few things/corrections to it.
[edit]Oh crap! I thought you were referring to Flathead's two "Necomers read this first" threads - well, I'll see what I can do with "the unofficial Doom 3 FAQ"[/edit]

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bigbadgangsta said:

A) There will most likely be an X-Box port of Doom 3.

X-Box Doom3 has been confirmed.

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