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-doubleammo and -halfdamage parameters?

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This has probably been discussed somewhere, but I can't for the life of me dredge anything up via Google/forum search.


Something I've wanted to try for some time is playing on UV, but with the crutch of double ammo and half damage. I actually like when WADs don't offer difficulty levels, as I can experience the original intended thing placement while using ITYTD features. For some reason we were given -fast and -respawn, but were never given their Skill 1 (and part of 5) counterparts.


Is there a Boom-compatible port out there that already does this? Could it be written up in DECORATE? I don't think there's a way to DeHackEd it, but I'd love to be wrong on that. Or would compiling one of the open source ports be the only way?

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You could do it in DECORATE by adjusting pickup's Inventory.Amount and making custom projectiles / hitscans for your weapons.

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If you're going for ZDoom by mentionning DECORATE, then it's a lot simpler to use ZMAPINFO to define a new skill.


It could look like this:

Skill easyviolence
	AmmoFactor = 2.0
	DropAmmoFactor = 2.0
	DamageFactor = 0.5
	SpawnFilter = 4
	Name = "Easy Violence"
	Key = "E"
	ACSReturn = 4


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Thank you both. Digging back through MAPINFO/DECORATE wiki pages now for a refresher of all the cool stuff that's in there.

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