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Doom 64 [Watch Me Die!] in 13:30 (15:48 Real Time)

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A recent discovery in Doom 64 allows you to warp from one of the secret maps (The Lair) instantly to the credits. This is my final product speedrun using this warp. The run is done using an original N64 controller and console. Doom 64 is now the fastest full game run of any of the major retro Doom games. When I first picked this game up in 2014, the fastest completion of Watch Me Die was 1 hour 8 minutes in real time by peaches. With the aid of many new glitches, improved routing, and better skill, the warpless run now is 36:58 real time (32:32 IGT) and the warped run is less than half that. I am happy to have given this game the attention it deserves for being by far the best console Doom game. Hope you all enjoy the run.


(NEW) Warped Watch Me Die WR - 13:30 IGT:



Warpless Watch Me Die WR - 32:32 IGT:



Also for those interested in the specifics of why this warp works, check out this image:



Warped WMD In game time splits:


Time   Map
0:30 - Staging Area
1:37 - The Terraformer
1:27 - Main Engineering
0:47 - Holding Area
1:26 - Tech Center
1:23 - Alpha Quadrant
0:20 - Research Lab
0:11 - Final Outpost
1:27 - Even Simpler
1:18 - The Bleeding
1:56 - Terror Core
0:26 - Altar of Pain
0:42 - The Lair


Total: 13:30

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Wow I wonder why they left that exit map action tagged to map 124 just sitting out there? Weird.


Congrats on the run! I wish I had been there when you discovered that and did it for the first time.


What's funny is with this way to end the game I guess in a way the ending still makes sense. The Mother Demon somehow dies of natural causes and Doomguy has to remain in Hell because he is forever stuck in an out-of-bounds area.

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