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OTHERWORLDLY (A themed suprise-story community GZDoom project)

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Posted (edited)

I am hoping to start, and have finished a work of art I have envisioned the story to since
eons ago. I am looking for mappers to follow short and simple rules to a map or a few maps
each (you cannot except a 2nd or 3rd slot until the previous is completed and turned in)
only the catch is no one will know the story until the very end when it's complete and
released for the public. I will provide at least one text screen for the end of each
level (and hopefully somehow the beginning if I can figure it out) and the full soundtrack
in either MP3 or OGG VORBIS format. Only certain enemies provided in each map's rules
can be allowed, so that the game progresses gradually in difficulty, but more importantly
so that the story will make more sense. Every character will have a part in the story, 
believe it or not, and I hope that you will all find the story pretty epic in the end when
all is said and done. The problem with me doing this alone is both time and my poor mapping
skills. I had always envisioned doing this but I want a lot of people to read the plot
by playing a mod they helped build, and I would rather it look better than I myself can
accomplish. These levels should have a lot of detail, and according to theme, probably will
require some custom textures (M01 _ _ _ _ _ for map 01's custom textures, etc) and will need
to be created by the mapper or found in public domain by the mapper but isolated from full
map packs. This way every single map is completely unique to the mapper, giving them more
freedom and distinguishing between places. You can even use public domain ones that are free
to use for doom or other games and just make them work with the palette, recoloring parts or
the whole thing. These maps can have any ACS scripting you desire as long as there's no
text added to anything or the screen. Slopes, anything. Just only the enemies that I allow.
I want all contributers to enjoy the final story together at the same time and promise it
really isn't a bad story. I've pushed it around to people who wanted to make games with
me but they said it'd take forever and I condensed it to DOOM II and I think I got it!
But all of them have said "That's fxcking awesome" or "EPIC!" or something to that effect.

It is weird and may seem like nonsense but is all leading up to something that isn't really

at all expected.

I would try to push this as a real game somehow, but don't have the people or resources,
and I don't really need the money with two good jobs. Please consider helping a brother out!

Plus I'm just some guy.


NOTE: Some maps require a little extra work doing custom textures, but never many. If you
cannot do that, choose a map that doesn't require it.


ADDENDUM: Teleports are not allowed on MAP01, MAP02, and nowhere but the end of MAP03. All
other levels can have them, but they CANNOT use the GATE1-4 textures. Instead use "SKPORT"
as the flat. This mystery will be explained in the story. Map03 and up can have any keys,
from 3 keycards to 3 skull keys to both. I seriously mean you can have six keys in a level
using GZDoom's key setup if you'd like. The "SKPORT" flat isn't made yet, so I'll get around to it

soon (have a new job tomorrow finally) but if someone else would like to make it, all it really

needs to be is the NUKAGE1-4 animation, only purple, with a pile of bones or one or two single

bones or skulls in the middle. Something to represent purple liquid and a pile of bones or even

just a bone. This will of course make no sense to anyone, until after the story is done.


I may have forgotten something major, as I jumped around. Let me know if this happened after all. It's late. I just got the idea tonight to jump the gun and instead make this a community project instead of working months to years on it.


It starts in the front yard of a house you cannot enter with a backyard you cannot see
or have any access to. There should be other houses, and you can have them enterable
if you would like, surrounded by trees. You can import trees, use the ones that came with
doom, or just use a bark style texture and make them extremely tall. They all possibly
could have been morphed by aliens anyway. The level can be a neighborhood or town, as long
as it ends in a dock with one boat you can access to end the level. The water beyond the
dock should seem limitless and you can't see the other side. You can throw in cool explorative
secrets like a cornfield maze with powerups as a bonus or something. You can add a shotgun
and super shotgun but nothing else yet. Also, ZERO teleports. I cannot stress this enough.
Human enemies minus the chaingunner only.


MAP02 is called THE HOLLOW GROUNDS. Unlike MAP01 it has keys, and all three already.
All other levels from now on can have whatever keys they want. Even 3 keycards
and 3 skull keys functioning seperately. 
It starts you on an island with the default water texture used in map01 at the end 
(FWATER1) that has no other way around it but to enter a cave. This cave should make
use of all three keys, and be rather explorable with tons of secrets. You can use whatever
textures you want to represent the walls, stalagmites and stalagtites that come with doom2,
and ZERO teleports. It should end with you resurfacing from a descent on the other side
where the level shall end as you leave the cave. Chaingunners allowed. Only human enemies and


It needs someone to find a good image of a giant mushroom (128x128 possibly) and use
slade3 to import it or several versions of different giant fungus. This level is called the
fungus fields. It needs nuclear waste at least towards the end from a leaky destroyed 
nuclear plant. There should also be an unaccessible destroyed nuclear plant. This level is
basically a land of mutated giant fungus/shrooms and whatever else you want. A haunted town,
etc. Pinkies can now be added to the rule of all human enemies and imps can also be used.
The level should end with one "Skeleport" which is the SKPORT animated flat. The story
will explain what the point of these are.


ATTN: Whichever guys do MAP03 and MAP04... one of you as you decide needs to find 
that green "swamp thing" style enemy on the realm667.com extended bestiary and add him on in
so that all three levels can make use of him. If no one feels like it, I suppose that should
probably be my job to do so anyway haha.


MAP04 is called the FOREST OF DECAY.
Much like MAP01, I need either imported trees or doom's trees or hexen's trees or a bark
texture made into super tall trees you can't see the tops of. Possibly different types of
seamless bark if that's even possible, or something in doom2's assets. Basically this is
a giant forest flooded with nuclear waste. There is no need for the nuclear plant, because
the last level has it. It should end in a blue cave, that looks like a glacier with an
entryway into iced caverns. The tunnel should darken as you go further and the level
should end. Skeleports Allowed. (See end of MAP03 description, only more than one are allowed
and they don't have to be at the end. There should NEVER be actual teleport GATE1-4 flats
in the entire game.)


MAP05 is called THE GLACIAL CAVERNS. It is basically a large frozen cave of various shades
of blue. You'll need to snag some blue seemless textures or some stuff that is colorized blue.
Hopefully that shouldn't be too hard. Name them (M05 _ _ _ _ _) as the lumps. This level
should end with you ascending towards the ground on the other side of the cave, only the
tunnel gets darker then just ends at light level 0 with a little space afterwords. ALSO
this level should start the same way, a dark tunnel starting you in a sector with the 
light level of zero.


MAP06 is called THE PRISON GROUNDS. You start in a tunnel that matches this level with
a sector light level of zero and it gradually lightens as you exit. Former humans of all types,
even chaingunners should be in cells, as well as marine guys of all types. This can't be
a slaughtermap though so careful with the railgun guys and there probably shouldn't be
any BFG guys. This is only episode 1 of the game. Regardless the cell has no rules, other than
the cages must be outside for at least most of the level, and inside for maybe like the final
fourth. It should be dark in this area, but you should still be able to see further away.
End with what you feel the OUTSIDE of the next level should look like, and collaborate
with the MAP07 guy to find out what door he started out with to match it at your ending.
To end the level the player should just click it, like SIGIL's E5M1 ending :)

MAP07 is called THE SKULL KEEP. It is the first boss level, but doesn't have the usual MAP07
bosses. Instead it uses Baronspecial and has a pretty large final battle scene featuring
multiple barons that trigger a pillar to fall. This pillar needs an imported "skull" sprite
of some type that doesn't take the place of any other sprites. Touching it or lines surrounding
it will end the level. The rest of the level can be however you want as long as it deserves
the title it has. The beginning should have the same door that MAP06 ends with. You guys
get together or PM and decide!


(Episode 2)


MAP08 is called THE SHORES OF TRIAX. You should find some sort of seemless water texture
that is NOT in doom, but DOES NOT animate. This water is frozen and sort of "hard" 
gelatinous if you will. In other words, it does not move. You should start in a small made
up spaceship you can't really do anything inside of if you even want to allow the inside to
be accessible, but it must be destroyed except for the cockpit somehow. Or not, with burnt
holes in the super hard jello water around it. Don't worry, the plot will explain things.
It should end with a giant forest wall, only the trees not the traditional tree colors.
You can pick as many colors as you want for any imported tree sprites, or rename the ones
that come in doom and recolor those. Hell you can do both, the more the marrier. Anyways
the ground, dirt, sand, whatever it may be on the first part of this planet, is all blue.
The vegitation other than trees should be imported from whatever stock you want to add, or
whatever you want to quickly "pixel art" together, and be several different colors to 
appear otherworldly, like it's on another planet.


MAP09 is called THE CITY OF NEXUS. The ground is blue, all around. The streets can be
whatever color you want. The buildings should be quite an assortment and you can either use
doom 2's assets or make your own for their textures. There must at least be some skyscrapers
however if not all. You don't have to have areas to enter all buildings, and they don't have
to be anything but the first floor unless you want to get creative. This level can be what you
want, allowing any extended bestiary you would like that is impish, pinkyish, or
something not in doom normally (not a recolor or hack of something doom-based). The level
must end with an entryway to a dark tunnel going downward that ends with light level zero
and a trigger to end the level. There should be a prison full of all the human enemies from
doom as well, as I forgot to mention. This is the LAST of the human enemies. From now on,
just extended bestiary that is not like doom, or like imps or pinkies. Please tell the forum 
that you're using extended bestiary, what it is, and the number you chose, so they can use
it too, and no one duplicates the same extended bestiary.


Color scheme: Purple water or sludge (do it! please) and black/gray. You can have other colors
here and there like red or other stuff that just looks evil. The ending is a spiderdemon
fight and the majority of the enemies should be scarce (compared to a slaughtermap)
arachnotrons. Imps and Pinkies and any other extended bestiary versions of both, or any
other non-doom looking enemies, are allowed. Please tell the forum that you're using them
and their numbers, so no one duplicates the same one.


Time to get creative, though all textures are mainly brown. Many textures should have cracks
either on the floor or the textures themselves, but one half of the level should have
some sort of symbolism pieces that are the opposite of the other side (such as good/evil
life/death love/hate or something... day/night even) This ends with something called the
Fallen Empire of DRAKAR. This is basically an archvile set to be a spectre/ghost. or
translucent. If you do not wish to find an archvile, find some cool looking extended
bestiary dude, but make sure you tell the forum that's DRAKAR, or have me note it.
No one else should use this same chosen bestiary because it's DRAKAR. It can be something
as simple as a super powerful imp with wings or something super demonic. Whatever the case,
its hit points need modified if it is in fact extended bestiary.


MAP12 is called THE SEIZMIC RUINS. It features one of the two:
A mancubus boss, with its hit points set higher via acs or a second copy added of himself with so.
or an extended bestiary version of the mancubus, with the rest of the level full of the
regular version. I'd prefer number 2, but it's all up to your own vision. The level itself
should be similar to THE PARADOX PLATEAUS in textures and cracks. Just brown. Sandy even.
It must still be a plateau, and it can have earthquakes. I'd actually prefer that. What you
SHOULDN'T do like paradox plateaus is have opposites or any sort of symbolism that isn't all
about the mancubus. If you don't know what I mean, neither do I with that, and you should
probably ignore me unless you want to be super creative with texturing. The only other
enemies that should be allowed are imps, pinkies, and extended bestiary that doesn't
look similar to anything from doom. Basically nothing from doom modified, unless of course
its other types of the mancubus, imps, or pinkies. Make sure you tell the forum what you
used, so no one makes duplicates of the same one. tell their thing id too so others that
have those allowed can use them. or tell me and I'll compile a list.


MAP13 is called THE SKELETEMPLE. Find some seamless skeletal textures or use the ones in DoomII
with the skulls. Intestines and stuff are obviously allowed too but not required. This is
basically a large temple of skull stuff. Anything can be imported spritewise to decorate but
only if you want to or can. The boss is a revenant. Killing him drops a key or something.
OR if you can find an extended bestiary version of the revenant use that, make him even more
powerful, and fill the rest of the level with mainly revenants, imps, and pinkies (the usual)


MAP14 is called LAKE OF BLOOD. Mostly everything is red, and of course bloodfalls and blood
floors should be plentiful. It should basically look like hell only with no ceiling and be
a fast realm of fields of blood with a "map" portion centered in it. 
Enemies allowed: Any extended bestiary that's either NOT doom related, or a hack of 
imps pinkies revenants or the mancubus. Arachnotrons are also now allowed, but no humans.


MAP15 is called MT MACABRE It's like MAP14 but ascending rather rapidly around a huge red
mountain with bloodfalls. Once you get to its peak, which should be a flat plateau, there is
an entryway that should be pretty distinct. You can add whatever details you want to this, but
there should be like a square SHAWN2 "tube" infinitely going as far as you can see upward,
and once you stand under its hollowness you just end the level. This can also have a "floor"
of the next level as its ceiling, which I guess would make more sense. It's however you want
to represent being underneath a tube/attached portal that sucks you up into the sky palace.


The music to this is pretty cool, and 7 minutes long, so make sure this level is rather
long. All enemies and extended bestiary are allowed, but this place must be eviternity 
style of beauty. Have a lot of stuff purple and make use of SHAWN2. There should be a 
starfield sky but I'll have to figure that one out later after the map is done unless
you understand skyboxes and want to help out. It should end with a dead player sprite and
a doorway that looks like intestines. It can either be that or a normal door surrounded by
intestines wrapped around poles or something. Take your pick, doom has a lot of stuff like that.
I recommend the SNSNAKE stuff. Also, flood this fucker with enemies of all types. Add
some custom pretty textures that scream "aliens did this" if you can, just don't make it
a slaughtermap.


MAP17 is called THE CUBE. It should be ALL intestinal and skeletal textures and of course
be a very large cube in shape. It can be like 2048x2048 or even more if you want, and can
have whatever inside of it that you want EXCEPT. There must be a LARGE and unique
portal, surrounded by bone stuff. There should also be the large "skull switch" like the one
that lowers the rocket platform on the original icon of sin, and a large dial added in
that looks like it has a pointer pointing to a house symbol, when everything else is
indecipherable alien gibberish. This is custom texture one. Custom texture two is a banner
above the switch that also has alien gibberish in the form of a sentence. Be as creative
as you want! But the problem is, it's merely explorative. There should be ZERO enemies.

MAP18 is called ESCAPE FROM TRIAX. It begins the third episode.

You basically start on the other side of a very large red mountain dripping blood in parts and drop. The level goes through the "Other side" of the planet you completely make up yourself. The ground is blue and there should be a space station at the very end.



You need to import pieces of a ship as sprites, or just square circuitboard copies in paintshop or something to represent them. This large dark moon has pieces scattered of your ship. The main ship unit is at the first but several pieces, possibly six, broke off. You can make it to where grabbing said custom thing reveals one of the six keys (keycards and skull keys altogether) and require those to exit? Whatever the case, if you can manage your ACS within the map well, require pieces of a ship to be all found and collected. You probably will need text telling you what's going on after all, but keep it very minimal, as you don't know the plot yet.


All moons should be blue. You can google the names for the different moons just exclude triton
and don't have all the tiny ones too. This level is basically teleporting between planets
finding pieces of circuitry to a "Radio Tower". This will probably require the most work
when it comes to custom textures, but all you really need to do is import different types
of circuit board images in a small scale so the player can swipe them up. If you know ACS,
you can have a counter of pieces and the player must collect all of them to exit to Triton.
OR you can just have it set up so that you will need to get them all even by force by 
making them obvious once you get past certain parts. You can pretty much use any enemies
or extended bestiary, just let others know the number you used and the creature you chose.
You can have regular teleports just don't have the GATE1-4 flat. Make something up or use
the skeleport SKPORT flat, which can also work. At this part of the story it really doesn't
matter what you use because these enemy bastards are everywhere now.


MAP21 is called TRITON BASE
custom textures: a logo that has the acronym ULTRA. The story will explain. This is basically
a base with some sort of radio tower outside. The ground is light blue, and you can't leave it.
Do whatever you want to the level just end it with a spaceship dock and bay inside. Nothing
has to be very elaborate but can be at the same time if you'd like.


Wastelands. This level only has imps and pinkies, no humans. Kind of far into the game I know
to have very few and early enemies but it helps the plot. Think up structures that would
look good destroyed in doom. Like buildings missing half of their stones, etc. Just make a large
wasteland and the way to exit is to find some sort of sign that represents that there is
a very large unpassable gate with one doorway to "DC RELICS" spraypainted on some board.
Or just get with the maker of map23 and stick their building of choice as a prefab beyond
the tall fence at your map's end. Make it look like earth though, just after a nuke ended it.


MAP23 is called THE DC RELICS
This needs a destroyed version of either the white house, capital building, or something
that suggests Washington DC has been destroyed. 


White snowy icey frosty textures, and a silver/metal base underground that ends in a giant
spaceship. Make the level whatever you want, with any enemies, as long as it is all confined
to what the first sentence says. 


Valhaden is mostly purple. Make new stuff or colorize doom stuff to be purple and work
with the palette. Do whatever you want with this level, as long as it starts out on a large
terrain of purple desert. The point is to find a giant portal with a skeleport in the middle,
or just a simple skeleport. This is because your ship exploded in the atmosphere and is nowhere,
so you literally don't even have to make the ship. Try to confine the enemies to imps and
pinkies, and of course varients of archviles that are extended bestiary, but not arch-viles


MAP26 is called PLANET HADUS
Hadus is mostly pink and a little red. It's just like Valhaden, start it with some
flat terrain like a desert, and then do whatever the hell you want. After that, have
a small fortress with an arch-vile in the end. Killing the arch-vile will end the level somehow.
Even if it triggers a key to lower and a door to be entered. If you can, change the arch-vile's
hit points to much higher, and send me the code and you might even probably tell me how to
add this enemy to the pk3 unless you can find or make a wad that contains everything and loads
in the root of one. I don't actually know much about this yet.


terrain around this outside is pink. Sky is stars. That's it. Make a giant spaceship at the
end of this as the exit. The rest of the level can be whatever type of puzzle, series of
battle waves, or whatever the hell else you want that looks like a space station and has
either large windows or just lots and lots of windows leading out (unpassable) to a massive
pink terrain.


This planet is supposed to be the most beautiful planet in the universe, so I'm hoping to
achieve someone that knows what they are doing and wants to use some heavy artistic freedom
while having heavy talents in this department. This should be the best level of the game.
If anyone on the team of Eviternity or I can find literally anyone that can duplicate 
something like any of its final levels, I'll be set. The only additions I'll need are
any of the liquid textures recolored to either be metallic silver or just dark gray. 
It also needs to end after vast exploration and plenty of arch-viles with an extremely
tall skyscraper with a doorway in. That's the exit, the doorway. You don't even open it!
No teleports at all


MAP29 is called THE TOWER.
Basically emulate that you are in a building and there are several floors up. Use all
enemies, and make it full of enemies. Each floor of this "tower" or section should get
harder and harder. It should still be possible by the average player. 
No teleports at all


Basically I need a helipad on the top of a tall very large skyscraper. You cannot leave 
this skyscraper by falling or any other way. You must also have a spaceship off somewhere.
None of the space ships need to be the same anywhere on this game. Be as creative as you 
want! Entering the space ship exits the level. No enemies, nothing. That's it. I'll do the rest!

If you feel like you want to contribute to this. I work a lot, so there's really no time limit.
I promise you'll like the end result, however, and if you have any questions before jumping
in, let me know!


All I have is this. The plot is locked away in my brain and in several different forms on paper here and there over the years and has been for quite some time, I just had no way to use it yet. I also have a soundtrack on jlehrjr.itch.io (Lost Loki's Realm Soundtrack) which was from 2003 for some other abandoned project. I'm borrowing two tracks from it, and basically creating 28 more from now until this project is done. I hope this sees the light of day!


Please consider.


Map slots to fill:


02 spaztacus





























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I'm super intrigued by this, but I will admit my texture/monster importing skills are not very good.  I'll kick around some ideas in my head and look for some textures that intrigue me and try some importing.  If I get the hang of it, I'm all aboard.

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Posted (edited)
On 5/29/2019 at 11:28 PM, spaztacus said:

I'm super intrigued by this, but I will admit my texture/monster importing skills are not very good.  I'll kick around some ideas in my head and look for some textures that intrigue me and try some importing.  If I get the hang of it, I'm all aboard.

The final mod will be a pk3 so basically name the map the map lump name for the game and put it in the maps folder. Then any textures in the textures folder. Zip it. Rename .zip to .pk3 and I'll do the rest. If you cant change the extension use dos, cmd, or powershell with windows.


Edit: I may need to clarify, send both folders at the same time to a compressed zip, then work the magic.

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This sounds interesting, really looking forward to seeing to seeing this:)

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Posted (edited)

I just hope I get enough mappers...


Trust me if I did a lot myself you guys would hate it ;)

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Posted (edited)
On ‎5‎/‎30‎/‎2019 at 3:23 AM, dybbuk said:

The problem with me doing this alone is both time and my poor mapping


21 hours ago, dybbuk said:

I just hope I get enough mappers...


Trust me if I did a lot myself you guys would hate it ;)


And yet you want to run an ambitious community project, involving other mappers (alongside yourself) making very specific maps to a story-based design, without your good self as the project leader having the experience or confidence in their own mapping skills? If you barely think your own maps are any good, are you really fit to demand and judge the work of others to such specific requirements?


I really really hate to say this (since I aim to encourage new mappers!), but this project sounds very much like a few other ambitious megawads I've seen in years past from new mappers, eventually leading to said projects being abandoned to time and lack of commitment.


My advice to you dybbuk would be to start creating and putting your own maps (you don't need to do a megawad, just a single map or a small map pack) out there to be given feedback upon (if you haven't made some already, as you apparently haven't mapped in a few years), and improving your own mapping skills before laying down such an ambitious gauntlet like this.


Of course feel me to prove me wrong, and if this project comes to fruition I'll play it on my livestream.

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This was all before I got a good review on my submission to the oops all techbase thread. My problem was I had a really good story I've been holding onto for quite a while, but wasnt confident because of reactions to a mod about 20 years ago which is pretty silly of me. I will work on map01 first because I have a pretty good idea. I was also trying to be funny with the comments. A nervous funny but still.

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Posted (edited)

Alright so I've made up my mind. If I dont get mappers or it seems abandoned I will work regardless of heavy work hours at my job to accomplish this. 20 years ago, I made a megawad known as Nightmares of Loki but literally just then started mapping and it was a fail. It didn't have original mp3s or actual textures that weren't just recolor, it had no plot, and I didn't have a pixel artist as a fiance. I also had zero experience in both mapping and ACS.  later to this thread I will first add a Sprite and texture pack as well as MAP01.

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