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unpopular retro opinions

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Posted (edited)
14 minutes ago, Sonikkumania said:

Bryan is cool, though in 3 he was kinda like Bruce copycat. Personally I like King and A King.


I know there are folks that genuinely enjoy the clusterfuck of continunity that is the Tekken storyline, but for me the game is at its best when it is completely decontextualised from any and everything (i.e.: the way 12 year old me first encountered it) - "holy shit, that cat in a tie and suspenders just pulled a sick suplex on that karate man!"


Video games.

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5 hours ago, Sonikkumania said:

I like King and A King.

Oh yeah. Little me, who was a furry in a cocoon, was absolutely delighted with King.


(Yes, I know it's just a guy in a mask. Still, he growls like a real animal!)

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