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GL nodes

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Alright, just added the new node builder Randy made which creates GL node information from the BSP. This means no more external glbsp.exe to be run and no more collection of .gwa files littering your zdoom directory!

It only creates the GL node information if it doesn't find it, so any maps you've already created them for won't need to be rebuilt (only takes a second or two, anyway).

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A definite improvement. I don't like those GWA files, or the fact an external proggy is needed.

Randy's internal builder is pretty fast, so I'll assume the glnodes addition is also fast. I didn't really even notice the regular node builder doing it's stuff when I activated it.

Console readouts:


BSP generation took 0.02605 sec

+monster condo

BSP generation took 0.09000 sec

+the living end

BSP generation took 0.11472 sec

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