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Sigil came out a couple hours ago, completed it. And think it's okay

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Posted (edited)

I played Sigil literally a hour ago, and believe it's okay, not great but fine. Now I did play it once and did not 

replayed again as I think playing for the first time is significant. The music is great, and the satanic theme is really cool and surprised me 

that Romero only used vanilla textures. However, I felt that the monster placements was pretty frustrating like the use of possessed sargents, lost souls, cacodemons and barons of hell, it felt a bit much, this would make the levels barley flow well and If I were to compare John's previous levels, Sigil's levels felt linear and cramped. I don't know that's just how I feel about this WAD.


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Posted (edited)

I felt that design was pretty solid and the limited Ultimate Doom monster selection was used pretty well. And I feel that being frustrating in some places was by design, it was frustrating for the right reasons. I played on UV and never really felt maps being unfair. Playing on Ultra Violence for the first time was bit too much for my skills but I had fun playing it. It is rare than I actually complete Ultimate Doom episode wads and I have not yet completed even Thy Flesh Consumed but SIGIL was really great experience for me. Have completed SIGIL now twice and the levels have actually pretty fun flow once you're familiar with them.

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Posted (edited)

really enjoyed Sigil.  some genuine lols and pant dirtying demonics.


i'm quite interested in, and if it's even possible, a megawad that allows you to play through the entire (now) 5 original doom episodes (with e1m4b and e1m8b)  in one run.  allowing you to carry over the arsenal you've acquired by the end of each episode. 


does this exist? and if not can it?


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