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Is there a way to replace Modded Weapon Wads with Default Weapons?

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Posted (edited)

Is there a way to replace already Modded Weaponed Wads (or, if you rather, MODS) with the Default Weapons that come with Doom (or Doom II)?

An example WAD would be 'Knee-Deep in ZDoom'.


I assume, because I have no knowledge whatsoever of how to create a WAD, that this would be a very complicated process.

I was in VERY high hopes that there was a "magic patch pack" out there that could just do it easily.

Should I just keep dreaming? LOL!

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Weapon mods work by replacing the original vanilla weapons, so to force the vanilla weapons to be spawned isn't possible. However, you can instead make identical copies of the weapons(under a different name), and then put those in a map.

However, this will probably break most gameplay mods, as vanilla weapons are iffy on if they actually mesh well or not with them.

Say a mod has a special mechanic related to the usage of the weapons... The vanilla weapon might not support this mechanic, and thus break the mod.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks for your response Alper002. You make sense. :)


I've found that some Modded games (e.g.'s, Knee Deep in ZDOOM and Valiant) DOES offer a "Lite" version, which strips the Modded Weapons from the original WAD so you may use the defaulted weapons. Unfortunately, this also strips the modded enemies as well.


Oh well...I guess I can't have my cake and eat it too. :P

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Posted (edited)

The least messy way would be to actually edit the mod in question by creating a copy and then edit the copy to strip out all the things you don't like.


Assuming the mod only added new weapons or monsters by replacement of existing things, you're already done.


If the mod has brand new actors with new numbers (like a new monster that is a stronger Imp), you can write some very simple DECORATE to create copies of the standard Imp with the matching DoomEd number. This way, no map editing will be needed.


You can do this to remove only weapons or only monsters, or both.

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