This is the first map I've ever finished and released. I feel proud of myself to have actually finished a map once, and the experience was fun! The map is in boom format, but doesn't work in original Boom because it uses MBF's transfer sky special. I tested it only in PRBoom+. It's a single map for Doom 2, that replaces MAP01 and supports difficulties. You are not supposed to be able to aim up or down intentionally, because it may break some things.. It is also singleplayer-only.
Screenshots: What you saw up there was the original post I made, before @Suitepee played my map on stream. Since I didn't know the exit didn't quite work in GZDoom until that stream, I made an update to the map that fixes the issue. I then tested the map in GZDoom myself to make sure I fixed the bug, and I did! The new version also makes a few small changes to the map, but not many. Download version 1.1 Here! Download the version Suitepee played here! But honestly, why would you play an objectively worse version of the map?   Since someone on-stream asked... The map does not work in crispy doom. The map uses generalized linedefs, which crispy doesn't support.   Credits: Thank you @AD_79 for playtesting the map! I also whant to thank @Jimmy for making the textures that I used! The music is E2M9/E3M1 from the original Doom, whose composer is Bobby Prince.