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Has anyone ever made a "laser tag" mod for Doom?

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I'm new here (but not to Doom; that was my childhood!), so apologies if this is in the wrong section (feel free to move it, mods).


Has anyone ever made a "laser tag" mod for Doom/Doom 2? I was just thinking yesterday that it would make a very different kind of experience, and given Doom's age I suspect someone has already done this... but the only thing I could find even remotely close was a map featuring a laser tag area (Fragport, I think it was called).


I'm thinking more of replacing the player's weapon with a "laser" gun and letting you play deathmatch (or against bots) with "laser tag" style rules. I'm assuming the latter would require a source port to institute in detail, but even a basic idea of x hits = dead could be reflected easily by setting the new laser weapon to take - say 1/3rd of a player's health.


Before I even attempt something like this, I was hoping someone else had already had a go at it, though. Any idea if this has been tried or is this idea too far on the crazy side from killing demons with a chainsaw? :)



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