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Bloody Saturn - 17 levels, my first map pack!

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This is pretty fun, I like the monster variants, reminds me a lot of Mikk's Champions.

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Well, I fixed some bugs in my map pack and uploaded version 1.1!


What's New?


№1 - Now MAP03 have 100% of killed monsters, because I changed a tag of the wall that didn't open as a level trap.
Bug found by - VladGuardian (i.iddqd.ru), Void Weaver (i.iddqd.ru) and _mental_ (forum.zdoom.org) 
№2 - Added lost texture of the switch (MAP06)
Bug found by - GripZ (forum.zdoom.org) и VladGuardian (i.iddqd.ru) 


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Posted (edited)

For a first wad, very nice. Some maps were kind of square and blocky and plain; others had some nice details.  I liked the random monster variant spawner. They were different enough to be interesting, but not overpowering.


Using GZDoom 4.1.1

Things I found:


Switches lump seems to be set up correctly, but none of the custom switches animate when you use them. I don't know UDMF, so I have no answer.

Edit: Never mind this one. I just tried it again and they work fine. I must have something in my default setup which is conflicting with SWITCHES.

Edit2: Yeah, like using the protected word 'SWITCHES' as a marker to segregate some re-colored Doom switches I made for myself. Doh!


You have a bunch of duplicated patches with different names, mostly switches; but also the lava falls. Also there's some switches and textures I don't remember seeing in any map.


Exit room door is tagged D1 on both sides instead of DR. Opened the door and backed up to shoot the monsters; door closed; stuck.


Sector tag 3 columns which lower to the ground - the platforms inside the columns are all 16 units above ground. They're all missing lower textures.


When you grab the Blue Key, monsters teleport in. Spectres show up in the hallway out of the room. The first step down is 24 units high. Too high for them to enter the room. Easy kills. Don't think that was intentional.


Linedef tag 4 - you have multiple W1 linedefs to lower the wall blocking the exit, but the switch to raise it is S1, not SR. I hit a different linedef on my way out and closed the entrance again. Stuck.


Overall, most maps were fun. I mostly enjoyed myself.

But for future reference:


Mazes are not fun.


Opening 20 closets to find a key so you can go to the next section to open 40 closets to find a key so you can go to the next section to open 60 closets to find a key so you can exit the map - really not fun.


Edited by EffinghamHuffnagel

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Posted (edited)

Version 1.2!


1. Another Recoil System
Reported - Void Weaver (i.iddqd.ru), VladGuardian (i.iddqd.ru), GripZ (forum.zdoom.org) and _mental_ (forum.zdoom.org)
2. Fixed maps MAP04, MAP05MAP08 and MAP09
Reported - GripZ (forum.zdoom.org) and EffinghamHuffnagel (doomworld.com)
3. Replaced music on MAP15
Reported - GripZ (forum.zdoom.org)
4. Changed weapon slots
Reported - Void Weaver (i.iddqd.ru), VladGuardian (i.iddqd.ru) and GripZ (forum.zdoom.org)
5. Changed chaingun
Reported - Void Weaver (i.iddqd.ru), VladGuardian (i.iddqd.ru) and GripZ (forum.zdoom.org)


Edited by FoxPlays

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Version 1.3:


№1 - No more recoil!
№2 - Fixed SECRET01 and SECRET02 map

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