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USQC Wednesday night Deathmatch #6 SIGIL 6/5/19 8PM CST.

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Hello everyone I'm glad I can post on time this week. We will be playing the brand new SIGIL.wad. I personally love it and it comes with 9 deathmatch levels. I have made a few adjustments to the server just for this event. No jumping, no crouching, no crosshair, no freelook. I have also enabled as many compat flags as I could to make Zan more closely emulate Doom such as random number generator, plasma bump bug and several items like this I will not list them all here. We will begin at 8PM CST and I hope you can join us we had a great time last week on GothicDM. The server is called [USQC] Classic DM. The domain is doom.usquake.world:10666.  As always we will be playing on Zandronum. Here is a link to our discord


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