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NRFTL checksum

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I have seen 2 different versions of NRFTL floating around.  Their md5sums are as follows:


  • 967d5ae23daf45196212ae1b605da3b0 
  • 4f47bb32bf5fd06bc1cc0b4a2e8e3910 


I own PSN Classic Complete, PS3 BFG Edition, XBLA, Xbox 360 BFG Edition and the PC BFG Edition.  NERVE.WAD and Nerve_demo.wad MD5 from every version I own is 967d5ae23daf45196212ae1b605da3b0.


I noticed the 4f47bb32bf5fd06bc1cc0b4a2e8e3910 version floating around has an added MAPINFO.  The filename for this version is NRFTL+.wad.  Does anyone know if this is just a hacked/non-official updated version?

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Posted (edited)

the mapinfo version without doubt is a fan modification, I remember talking with people sharing it all the way back then.


For reference, all checksums for official WAD files are collected on the doom wiki

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Thanks! I saw that, but wanted to check with the community just to be sure. 

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