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Putrefier - Water Reflection


I stumbled upon this map by mistake, and damn is this map amazing quality. One question though is how is the reflection in the water achieved at the beginning of the level. I have opened it up in GZDoom Builder BF and checked everything, and maybe I am missing something but no way can I see how its been achieved. I know its not floor reflection in the texture options due to the fact it performs so well in game and plus the texture in the map editor does not show the option enabled.



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Posted (edited)

Everything you need to replicate the water reflection is in ma_put.pk3. You just have to dig a little bit deeper.


Since the author does not want to free his map for reuse, I just give you the outline of how you can do this yourself. Use for learning purposes only.


You need both, the map editor, GZDB-BF, and the lump editor, Slade3.

Construct a new map. Something like this:



Copy sector IDs and set the 3D sectors as in the map of ma_put.pk3.


Then add in these lumps:



Compare each lump with the ones in ma_put.pk3 for what you need.




Rightclick on the video and select Loop.



Edited by Kappes Buur

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Still dont get how to do this. From what I am gathering, your copying stuff from the putrefier pk3 and pasting it into a new wad and setting the sectors to the same numbers that were on the original map?. So does that mean the effect is coded through ACS in the original pk3?.



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12 hours ago, furyweb said:

So does that mean the effect is coded through ACS in the original pk3?.


Yes, in SCRIPTS of ma_put.pk3 check out scripts 6 and 10.


Script 6 animates the pool surface, which sort of means that ANIMDEFS

is not really needed, but it also does do no harm to the flow of the map

with both present. Then, of course, there are the textures, but those can

be easily replaced by stock DOOM2 textures.





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