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Scaling Down HUD Weapon Sprites


Posted (edited)

I have made a monster sprite and was able to scale it down with the decorate -> scale parameter. It seems HUD weapon sprites are a different deal however. My weapon sprite is 2x the resolution of the one it's replacing. It would seem the method that the Doom Neural Upscale mod is using would work for me, but I am not sure how it is done there...

I have heard that you can define them within a textures lump and that might do it. But I am not familiar with how texture lumps quite work yet and in particular how to utilize it to solve my issue.


I found an answer from zdoom forums: https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=124&t=32288

If I include a textures.txt with

sprite CHGGA0, 220, 122
    xscale 2
    yscale 2
    offset -215,-214
    patch CHGGA0, 0, 0 //simply the name of the sprite

where CHGGA0 is my sprite. It will properly scale it now. Although it ignores GZDoom upscaling options.





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I found a way to do it! Basically make dummy sprites in the sprites namespace that are the correct size and offset. Then in the hires namespace put the full-resolution sprites in there.

Also I think I found the textures way of doing it by making a textures.txt and putting things in like this

Sprite PISGA0, 56, 87
    YScale 1.2
    Offset -125, -116 // -81
    Patch PISGA0, 0, 0

Where YScale and XScale are how much bigger by percent than the sprite you want to replace in x and y.

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