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Can you use custom wads For Brutal Doom 64??? And new Brutal doom 64 project ideas

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So Brutal Doom 64 is a much stronger version of doom 64 louder weapons more blood better effects and Brutal Doom 64 Project nightmare adds a lot of things that were  cut and things that Sgt Mark didnt use.The there is doom 64 retribution which is a more similar to the original.However Doom 64 Retribution has more episodes/levels such as the Absolution,Outcast and Redemption denied levels.Now is there a way to add these levels into Brutal Doom 64??? A swell as Doom 64 custom wads such as The Reckoning wad


I also wanted to add more weapons,monsters and projectiles such as a Bfg 10,000,The Rail-gun or a flamethrower(This is in Doom 64 retribution project void).For monsters I wanted to add a Cyber demon with his lower part of the body being from a spider-demon or a gargoyle like demon(HellKnight with wings or something unique) a new baron of hell design in which it actually looks red instead of pink.New version  of existing monsters such as nightmare revenants and mancubus which they would look more scary(mancubus could be green with red eyes and have skull like cannons) which throw the same projectiles but instead of red,green that do more damage.Also have allied marines like in the other Brutal Doom mods.The Cacodemon should throw yellow projectiles and new zombie designs.

A lot of what was mentioned is on the Doom 64 retribution Project void addon.



and here is the BFG 10,000 being used on a gargoyle like Baron of hell


and a new boss Kronos from doom Rpg with these sprites as for fighting were like the mother demon but different projectile colors or something unique

and unique sounds



Edited by DoomedSpartan : Add more things

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