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Perfected Doom 3 BFG edition may be possible and help request

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Posted (edited)

Hello everyone I ve been working on editing Perfected Doom 3 and Ive been working on The Perfected Doom 3 Rip and Tear addon(not fully finished may be fully finished on summer) as well as the Helmet Pack addon(its paused do to complications but its available on modb).As all of you may know Perfected Doom 3 Is perhaps the Best Doom 3 mod ever made and the bad thing about it is that it only works with vanilla Doom 3 and sadly the author of this mod has completly stopped development. However the The Classic-RB-Doom3Bfg source-port is mod friendly however I  am unaware if anyone has tried to use that source-port with Perfected Doom 3 and i also dont know whether if it works with the source port.I wanted to try it myself but doom 3 BFG has taken a long amount of time to download in my Pc and do to complications The download is unable to finish.


If Perfected Doom 3 works with Classic-RB-Doom3Bfg then well there it is problem solved


If it does not work with the Source port I have a set of instructions from the author of Classic-RB-Doom3Bfg sourceport that can get the mod to work with the source port.


The instructions are these-


1.For starters you have to download Vanilla Doom 3 SDK, Perfected Doom 3 source code and Classic RBDoom 3 BFG source code.

2.After that you should check the differences between the Vanilla Doom 3 SDK and Perfected Doom 3 source.

3.Once you found them all start applying them to classic RBDoom source code (and try to avoid modifying the header files).

4.Once you successfully done with that compile the game(CPU arch)project from Classic RBDoom 3 BFG source code and hope for the best.


Now the question is Would anyone be interested in helping me work on this??????

Edited by DoomedSpartan : Add more things

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