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Fancied making a post the opposite of unpopular retro opinions. Here goes.


SMB3 to me is the pinnacle of the Mario series. Super Mario World is pretty close too.


Streets Of Rage 2 is the greatest in the series.


16 bit Sonics and Sonic Mania are the best Sonic games.


Turrican 2's soundtrack is groundbreakingly awesome. As well as being the strongest in the series.


Super Metroid is the number one Metroid game for me.


Doom 1's soundtrack trumps 2 by far.

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Doom 64 is the real Doom 3. 


Mario 64 is the best Mario. 


F-Zero X is the greatest console racing game of all time. 

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TMNT: Turtles In Time is the most fun multiplayer game! 

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