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25 years ago in Doom - USENET edition

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2 hours ago, xttl said:

Damn. But reading development stories of id games will never not be exciting. I wish they'd compile all of these posts and miscellaneous info into a 20 lb tome version of Masters of Doom.                                 

And then Carmack commented and corrected him! I really need to read through all of the rome.ro posts.

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Posted (edited)

How innocent and enthusiastic the early days of the net were back then. A period of time where games, movies, music, tv and technology were revolutionizing the respective industries and starting entire genres and everyone was all for it.

Even the dude crying about the gore in E3 provided to resolve the matter all on his own once "editors were released". Anymore, the offended just rage and rant until whatever it is they don't like is ruined for everyone.


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On 6/4/2019 at 11:37 AM, deepthaw said:


It's funny how the games he complains about (Street Fighter II, Mortal Kombat, Doom) all have new editions being released 25 years later. Meanwhile, Cyberball and NBA Jam are dead.


I'm hoping to find some of my own old posts doing this as an ongoing thing, I'm certain I had some hilariously wrong prognosticating as well.


NBA Jam isn't dead, afaik.   There are recent editions in the series, where it had Nancy Pelosi and other US politicians as hidden characters.

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