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Cant hear sounds far away

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Hello. Im relatively new to Doom Builder and I have an issue I couldnt find an answer to anywhere online. I have a door that opens a fair distance away from the switch. When I activate the switch I dont hear the door sound when it opens. I have quite a lot of sectors in between them. Is there anything I can do so that the player can hear the door opening when they hit the switch?



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Posted (edited)

One thing you can do is place a sector outside of the map but near the switch that has to be pressed. A simple 16x16 square is more than enough. Or even smaller if you don't have enough space. Then build inside this tiny sector an even smaller door (you will have to work with a small grid but it's not a big problem, or if you have more space simply build a bigger sector) that cut the sector in two rooms (like two normal rooms connected by a door, only outside the map and smaller). Connect both the small door and the door on the other side of the map with the switch. When you will push it, you will hear the sound of the small door near you, but a random player that plays your map will have the impression of a sound made by your visible door.


If possible try to put the small sector in the same direction of your visible door, so that the sound will come from the real direction


Or, if you are mapping in UDMF, there is the omnipresent ACS script that can solve your problem in a couple of words:


First, give the switch the action 80 "execute script", and script number x (where x is the number of the script that you want to execute, in this example 1)


Then open the script editor (default key F10 in GZDB) amd write the following code:


Script 1 (void)


        PlaySound (1, "doors/dr1_open");

        Door_Open (1, 64, 0);



Last, place a mapspot (or a teleport destination) near the switch, in the direction of your door and tag it with 1 (or wathever number you want, as far as you change also the "1" in the playsound command with the same number.


This script will start when the player pushes the switch. 

It will play the sound of a door that opens from the thing tagged with 1 and then will open the door tagged with 1.


Edited by Simomarchi : Added ACS script solution

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Wow thanks for the reply. Ill try the first idea first as ive never used scripts before. But that first idea sounds like it would work. Thanks!

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