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Doom Modern Weapon Differences

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first mod is ARGENT from Xaser Acheron, published in idgames archive, he made it like the doomguy can hold 2k16 weapons with beautiful weapon edit that's designed differently, accurately smooth gameplay but no maps, strongly showing the wrist of the doomguy instead of doomslayer of 2016, even he made the title screen and intermission screen music as a midi from 2k16.


on the other hand of the second mod, i say weapons are a bit copyrighted, but the custom HUD is pretty nice, when finding armor or mega armor, it shows the doomslayer's suit as armor for protection, it may be neatful, but this Eternal Classic Doom Weapons is referring to Doom Eternal that's coming out in late 2019, according to the start screen design as well.



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