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Cactus Canyon Wad

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Posted (edited)

Hello again! Here's my second time posting a new map on here. 

I've tested it with only ZDOOM only  and the WAD is only for DOOM 2


I'm still using my craptop

So I'm not sure how it's gonna look on to the newest version of gzdoom 

-Things to expect in this wad

Single Map only

Rock textures...just repeating of the rock textures 

I would recommend you to avoid jumping around alot in this wad (Unless you can go for shortcuts then be my guess)

Some what of a run and gun gameplay

In terms of difficultly I had toned down on some monsters here and there in order to get some what balanced. As well as scraping a couple parts of the map to keep it consistent. 

All and All I hope you have fun with this map and enjoy it with any kind of mod you'd like


SoundTrack is WILD GUNS-Desolation Canyon









*I fucked up on uploading the wrong thing. I thought SLADE would make a zip for the wad not the entire shit for making said map 



Canyon Cactus.zip

Edited by CrocketRocket : Updated for all the problems some people pointed out. (Thank you very much)

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I played on gzdoom 4.0.0 with freelook. Fun level, I enjoyed it. The setting, rock modelling with shadowy caves etc. all looked really cool.

As far as difficulty and gameplay goes it feels balanced, maybe too easy on UV since you can get a rocket launcher, mega armour, plasma etc. almost immediately if you look around a bit. (I skipped the armour.) Not a big deal either way. Combat was fun but it was mostly just fast little incidental fights, no traps or big attacks, which I don't mind either. At the end I almost ran out of ammo, but I probably walked past some of it.


A few things I found:


Some nasty missing textures right outside of the starting room. Ironically the only texture glitch i found.



This lift moves really slowly for what seems like no reason, just a mild annoyance.



This lift full of DOORTRAK doesn't seem to have a switch to retrigger it, so if you take it you can't backtrack for any ammo or secrets (as far as i could tell).



This cupboard with the backpack looks like it should be a secret but isn't tagged as one.



This mancubus outside the bridge tends to walk forward and hug the bridge so it can't hit the player, you might want to put it up on a platform where it can't move forward. Though he conveniently decided to walk back whilst i took this screenshot.


Thanks for the level!

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I played it and enjoyed it! However in addition to everything mentioned above I found a bug.




This teleporter is not repeatable action and almost caused me to be unable to obtain the secret.

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11 hours ago, Mk7_Centipede said:

looks cool. Can you reupload with 7zip or something?

I'll try and at the same time update it with some of the things people have noticed that are broken


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