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Keyboard woes

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Does anyone else notice that back when Win 95 came out they had new keyboards, that put some winkey right where the ALT key should be?
Well it completely messed up my strafing, the dodging technique i am so dependent on, you have to remember to keep your finger stretched one farther than your used to, and we kept accidentally starting up this window when we hit that key....the key can't be re-defined since it's a window key...does anyone else have or notice this little annoyance?

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Yeah, I play on a keyboard without that shit. Mine even has removable keys. And there's empty spaces between the Alt and Control keys. I heard somewhere there's a way to disable that key... on these very forums, if i'm not mistaken.

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Yes, I mentioned it in the following thread:

In case you're not familar with Altavista, here is a link:

Disclaimer: Use at your own risk! Please note that if you make mistakes when altering your Windows registry, it can result in serious damage.

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