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Doom 64 Classic - A Gameplay Overhaul for Doom 64 Retribution

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Note: This mod serves as an addon for Doom 64 Retribution and does not contain the base files for it. Make sure to download it first over at ModDB. This addon should be loaded after Doom 64 Retribution, otherwise it will not work properly.


Tested with a controller in GZDoom 4.1.2


Download link: Classic Gameplay v1.0


Normally I wouldn't bother to turn something like this into its own topic, but this is such a massive overhaul to the gameplay that I wanted to make a new thread to get feedback instead of cluttering up Nev's. This mod serves as an overhaul to Doom's gameplay built on top of Doom 64 Retribution. The goal is simple: recreate Doom 64's gameplay as accurately as possible using nothing but ZScript. As such, this mod does not require its own source port. Using Doom 64 EX's source code as a base, almost everything has been revamped, including:


  • Animations
  • Weapons
  • Visuals
  • Player movement
  • Gravity, friction, and knockback
  • Enemies and their mechanics
  • That weird Cyberdemon on the title map


And possibly more in the future. Feel free to give any feedback on things that seem inaccurate so I can look into them. I want this to be as close as possible to the original (well , as close as ZScript will allow).


Some known issues:


  • Non vanilla Doom 64 maps will break. Enemies in these maps were not made with Doom 64's base stats in mind but rather modified ones, causing enemies to get stuck in walls in certain places. Support for these maps might be added in the future
  • Maps and most props were not touched so there will likely still be some visual inaccuracies
  • The audio has not yet been fully reworked and still has some inaccuracies
  • Some timings are simply impossible to port correctly due to differences between Doom 64 and Doom's engines. Unfortunately this can't be fixed without making a custom source port
  • Many Doom 64 Retribution customization options do not work with this mod. This is intentional to keep the gameplay as close to the original as possible and likely won't get support in the future

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Posted (edited)

From what I see I will be the first to comment ;)

@Boondorl, I congratulate you for your work of adjusting Retribution as close to the Doom64 version, that shows that you like things to be as accurate as possible. Since as far as I'm concerned I love everything related to PsxDoom and Doom64.
Apart from that this is a good tutorial for the use of Zscript for future versions of Master Edition, my sincere congratulations.


As far as your work is concerned, I'm sure it will get better over time.

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