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How to add reload feature to custom gun?


Posted (edited)

So excuse me for the dumb question and i know i'm late to the doom community but I've just recently gotten interested in Doom mods and such.

Right now I'm working on adding the Laser Rifle from the Fallout series into doom, and I've got everything working, except i can't find anywhere how to add a reload feature to the gun. if anyone is interested in helping, I can send you the WAD fie to look at my code so far or if someone could just reply telling me what to do. I have the sprites and everything for the reload but again can't find out how to implement it. (Just started modding and coding Doom today, its been easy so far but this darn reload problem)


Will try to attach the rar file so you can look at it :)




EDIT: I am using GZ Doom as a loader. edited my wad using slade3. I only have the sprites for the reload animation, i need the actual code. 

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Posted (edited)
3 hours ago, Kappes Buur said:

Reloading is not a trivial addon for weapons and requires a fairly lengthy explanation.


So, instead of rewriting a tutorial I just point you to an existing tutorial.

I figured it out a couple hours ago using that same website xD

Thanks for trying to help though! And you are right, it is VERY confusing and lengthy but i got it done.

I'm about to upload the WAD file for the finished weapon on Mod DB if anyone's interested.

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