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My newest Doom map

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I tried to go with detail in this one with my year and a half of Doom editing skill with some inspiration coming from Sigil and thanks to Davester2296Covers to allow me to use one of his and CoTeCiO songs for my wad now down to the predictable part which is people willing to test it I have tried to put more detail in it and alot less ammo and health

this map was made with GZDOOM in mind so there may be glitches with other ports. So I would like some feedback NOTE I am only a year and a half into Doom editing so

do not expect anything to crazy with this map.


And it is beatable I did it on Ultra Violence just wondering other peoples take on it and play it like classic Doom no jumping or crouching it is meant to feel like a classic Doom level.

Also this is for DOOM 2






NOTE It is inspired by SIGIL don't be suprised when there are some elements from SIGIL in this map





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Tested it in GZdoom, on UV.


There is a lot to admire here, from many of the aesthetics, to encounters, and more. There are a few rooms in particular that I really like the design of. First, is the area that opens up with the three Mancubus cages, that is next to the Yellow Door. I like that the map starts out cramped, but then areas like that open up. There is also the barrel room with the Chaingunners and Baron. Simple, yet effective design.


The map is not perfect, though. The texturing is often poorly aligned (particularly bricks). It is also switch heavy, with me running around wondering how to open a particular door (the one leading to the Blue Key area teleport), when the answer was a switch I had missed a lot earlier. Plus that Archvile behind the fake wall. Not fun.


But despite its imperfections, this is still a solid map. Definitely give this one a playthrough!

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I just played it and I have a few thoughts.


1. It was pretty fun and pretty challenging overall. I died a few times and learned to be more careful because the monsters are relentless sometimes.

2. It wasn't very detailed and some of the map looked pretty ugly, but to be fair we are playing Doom

3. Killing all of those Barons is annoying, maybe change some to Knights so that I'm not just sitting there slaying Barons

4. Don't make the bridge impassible, it looks like you can drop down and then you can't and I died.


5. I could not find the blue key and I searched for a long ass time. So I cheated and got greeted with this:




I quit. Not a fan of this style of gameplay, but I guess I deserve it for cheating at the door. Anyway I assume that is the end, and it WAS actually pretty fun until this point.

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