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Naked Snake

Don's Challenge 3

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Computing was a whole different ballgame. The entryway was poorly lit but Computing was bright. Stepping off the elevator I heard the sound of dripping. I noticed a little raised walkway with a row of computers on the side. At the top step of the walkway there was a spilled barrel filled with the toxic green crap. I looked side to side but saw nothing. Walking forth I noticed a small cubby with a zombie in there. He didn't see me but I saw the barrel of his rifle. Next to the cubby was another one of those slime barrels. I shot it and the explosion litterlly split apart the zombie. The roars of more zombies made me alert, one in particular, it was more guttural than the others. Two zombies walked from around the corner and turned towards me. I dived to the side and blasted the first one right in the face. I aimed at the second one when I landed. I squeezed the trigger but no shot rang out, only a dull click. The gun was empty. The zombie wasted no time and fired but I managed to miss most of the shot, it just grazed my shoulder, causing me to toss my .357 as well. It got closer to me so I sweepkicked and knocked it on the ground. I slipped on my brass knuckles as the thing tried to get up. I didn't give it the chance as I quickly lunged on top of the thing and started punching the fuck out of it. After I knew it was dead I collected my .357 and stuff fresh rounds into it.

Almost as soon as I had finished closing the chamber there were bullets tearing up the walls. I ducked and the shooter didn't seem to move his aim. I noticed another zombie but he wasn't like the others. His body was covered in way more blood, parts of his face were peeling off and he had an Assault Rifle! I popped a shot into its chest but it didn't go down. It did stop firing however. I shot two more rounds into the damn thing before it decided to finally fucking die. I scrounged what ammo I could before rounding the corner. I noticed another cubby and ran quickly past it. No zombies but there was something there. A 9mm pistol. Certainly faster than the .357 and it held 15 rounds. I slipped it into my belt and walked around another corner. The area here was dark except...a light shining from under a wall. I walked up to the wall. It was really different from the other walls around it, they were tanish, this one was gray. I pushed on the door and it swung open. Inside there was some ammo and a switch. Above the switch was a warning :


Below that was scribbled in blood some more words :

"Don, a part of your challenge is to activate the satalite


I pressed the switch and noticed a little security screen next to the switch show a door opening. The camera panned and I saw a door. It was grey, just like the one in the other room just past the pillar.

I walked to the door, it was marked with signs of battle. A bloodstain, bullet holes and a scorch mark. No time to worry about the past, I opened the door. On the other side was a zombie. It caught me off guard. Luckily I wasn't to startled or else I would have taken a shot in the gut. I dodged to the side as it fired, rushed the thing and shot its fucking brains out with the 9mm. The brains and blood smeared on the floors and walls, dripping and sliding on the surface. I walked up the steps, making sure not to step in the brains and saw the door to the outside. I walked outside, knowing that I had to activate that damned satalite.

The outside was barren, dead trees, caked dirt and odd shrubs were the sight I beheld, aside from the red sky. Turning to the side of the building I noticed a fenced off area. I approached it and saw what it was. It was the satalite, in a pit! I looked around when I located the activation switch.
"Shit" I cursed under my breath. It was locked with a keypad. "Wait a minute". I realized I could use the dust from the ground to see the fingerprints, hopefully. I scooped up some dirt and brushed most of it away until there was only a very thin layer. I blew the dust at the keypad and it did in fact work. I punched in the code, 9182 and heard the grind of gears as the satalite raised. "You've completed this area Don" Mortis' voice announced "proceed to the next floor". I turned around and ran back towards the elevator, wondering what the hell was on the next floor.

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getting better there BBG. Nice work.

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A nice follow up to the last chapter and fairly well written too, but:

I quickly lunged on top of the thing and started punching the fuck out of it

I think I've told you something like this before, but using "fuck" expressions (like the one quoted here) to describe events/things is a bad thing - such an expression is characteristic for spoken language and should not be used to describe things as it will degenerate the overall impression of the story - only use it when you have dialogue between characters, like "And then I punched the fuck out of that zombie" I told Eddie

And it's "satellite" not "satalite".

Apart from that, nice work - the combat situations are well-thought out adn the story flows nicely.

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