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How to display Images on hud?


Posted (edited)

So, I'm making a persona 5 mod for doom 2.

Progress is good, but for the classic "Weak" system, I need some way to display the classic cut in like this image:




I know doom mods can't play video files, so I opted to separate the frames into individual images.

The method I have so far is:

A unique damage type for a move (Each weapon is a move like EiHa on slot 1, so DamageType: EiHa)

Enemies are randomly spawned with pain states representing weaknesses indicated by slight color change (i.e a blue imp weak to fire.)

This is done via DECORATE, no problems there.


So, with the pain state in DECORATE for say, a fire weakness, it just does a animation, damage buff, etc., and I have a trigger for an empty ACS script.

I'm hoping there's a way to display the image files in sequence (if it's just one frame, i'll compromise) on the screen via. ACS to

simulate the weakness actually using the classic cut-in...


Is this possible? How? And it would be helpful if someone left some mock-up code for this, not experienced with ACS..



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I would do some kind of loop in an ACS script using HudMessage. There is a trick to display images as a font, so you could display them in sequence when needed with short delays in between frames.

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