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AI research and Doom multiplayer

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27 minutes ago, sun_stealer said:

@kb1 I apologize for not being active here, I was quite busy with work and just life in general) I will provide my comments to what you said once I clear things out.


As a project update: I hit a major roadblock being unable to train any good policies with memory (LSTMs) and I suspect bugs in the research framework I was using. Ended up rewriting the algorithm in PyTorch from scratch and now it looks like it is working better. But it took a lot of effort.

No apologies necessary. Please, take your time. For a few posts there, we were going back and forth frequently...so I was a bit thrown when you didn't reply - my bad.


I don't envy you, chasing bugs. It's the type of system where it's tricky to even know that you have bugs, not to mention trying to track them down :)

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