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If this has been asked before bump me or delete it.


How do people edit other people's work? I know this might seem like a stupid question but, id like to get started with modding and idk it feels like it would be easier starting with a barebones mod someone made. Can i start modding and then show the creator what I've done or ask the person for permission first. Ive seen on some forum people doing it both ways and wanted to go about this the proper way. Thanks in advance for all your help.

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Usually PWADS or mods comes with a .txt file (so you can read it in every pc) that provides you with general informations about what you're going to see. Usually at the bottom of this file there is a paragraph that tells you the copyright rights that the author have choosen to use with his work. So you may have a megawad that is completely free to use for your mods and modifications (you can use music, levels and custom stuff for you works, just like slaughterfest 2012 for example). Or you can have a megawad that you can not copy in any of his part (like the recent eviternity) if you don't have the permission from his creator.

In reality there is nothing that stops you to copy and post a copyrighted wad, but it's a question of education and, mainly, you're going to be banned pretty soon.

So if you are going to modify other people works always check if they allow you to do so before starting your project

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You can just open a wad in an editor of choice if you want to look at or edit someone else's work. Releasing said edited work on the other hand... I dunno. That'd be up to the one who made the mod you made an edit of. From what I can tell it's pretty frowned upon though.

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