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Vanilla Doom 2: Why more bosses in coop mode?

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Hi everyone,


I like playing Doom in coop mode with my dad ( Chocolate Doom ).


Doom 1 is perfect, it's as if the levels are the exact same in coop as in single player.


However, Doom 2 ( or at least our WAD ) is not at all like that. In Ultraviolence, you find Cyberdemons and other bosses in most levels, in places where they don't exist in single player. It detracts from the original flow of the game when having random bosses around in some corners that have nothing to do with the level's original design.


Do I have some weird version of the Wad or is this a common thing?



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What you're experiencing is normal, in some wads the co-op balance is set to spawn harder monsters to account for the fact that more players are fighting them.

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I see. I would like to retain the original single player experience but with 2 players, like it is with Doom 1. Is there any way to find a specific vanilla WAD like this?


Thank you

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There are some additional enemies and items in Doom 1 multiplayer as well but it’s much more pronounced in Doom 2. The only way to play cooperative but have the single player monsters and items is to use a source port such as Zandronum, unfortunately chocolate Doom (and vanilla) don’t have the option to remove multiplayer-only objects.

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