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MFG38's Doom Weapon Mini-Mod

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Posted (edited)

I wasn't originally going to post this over here - no idea why - but I figured I have nothing to lose by letting people outside the ZDoom forums at least know about the existence of this thing I released yesterday (or today, depending on the time zone you're on).


MFG38's Doom Weapon Mini-Mod is a small gameplay mod for classic Doom games powered by ZScript. My aim with this mod was to essentially make some of the weapons (in particular the shotgun and SSG) more situational while keeping the rest of the vanilla gameplay intact. Most of the weapons have been modified in some manner, with the exception of the BFG-9000.


The only real purpose this mod served for me personally was as an excuse to dive into ZScript. Even then, I made this over the course of just over 24 hours (with most of it spent playing video games, taking walks, eating, sleeping etc.), hence I have nothing crazy going on here. But if someone gets a kick out of this, it's a win in my book. :D 


List of changes made in the spoiler below.



The fist now deals 6-10 damage (60-100 with Berserk), and punching the oxygen does not alert monsters. However, hurting an unaware monster with the fist will alert other monsters within a 256-unit radius.


Each chainsaw hit now deals 4-20 damage (4 * random(1,5)).


The pistol now deals 8-13 damage and has a range of 1600 map units. It has the longest range out of the hitscan weapons.


The shotgun now fires 8 "pellets", each of which deal 11-14 damage. It has a range of 448 map units.


The SSG now fires 16 "pellets", each of which deal 12-15 damage. It has a slightly shorter range than the shotgun at 384 map units.



The chaingun now deals 8-12 damage and has a range of 1280 map units. Also, it fires 1 bullet in a cycle instead of 2.


Rocket launcher:
Rockets fired by the rocket launcher now have a base damage of 25-150 (25 * random(1,6)), and their explosions deal an additional 100 damage at a radius of 96 map units.


Plasma gun:
The plasma gun's projectiles now deal 10-40 damage (5 * random(2,8)), and their speed has been slightly increased. The "cooldown" time after the player finishes firing the plasma gun has also been slightly increased.


I may or may not expand upon this later with other features.




Enjoy. Or don't.


EDIT: Also, the port is GZDoom, in case it wasn't obvious from the mention of ZScript.

Edited by MFG38

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Posted (edited)

Updated the OP with link to v1.2.






  • ACTUALLY fixed a sound bug with the chainsaw. And the fist.
  • Added a function to the fist that alerts monsters within a radius of 256 map units if its attack hits an unaware monster.



  • Decreased explosion damage of rockets from 192 to 100.
  • Decreased explosion radius of rockets from 144 to 96.
  • Tried fixing a sound bug with the chainsaw. TRIED.
  • Integrated readme.txt and changelog.txt into the .pk3 file.



  • First public build.


Edited by MFG38

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