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I managed to figure out the way to change the name of the map but it keeps playing the title screen. Did I mess something up.Capture.PNG.ac35bf5b569742ef842071677271984a.PNG

^As you can see I'm just doing a little test before I move on to working with some scripts Screenshot_Doom_20190607_224033.png.5493bc39229a0c5700591bb20a889d6f.png

Once again I managed to get the names to work but I just need help getting past the title screen music that plays when I start it

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map MAP01 "Forgotten Canyon" 
    levelnum = 1
    sky1 = "SKY1", 0
    music = "D_RUNNIN"
    next = "MAP02"

is really all you need.


You would set the map as Cluster when the pwad is a hub structure.


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How and why do people keep finding and using the old format!? I'm seriously astounded by this.

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You had the song as O_RUNNIN, instead of D_RUNNIN.

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