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My dream about Sigil

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I just woke up from a dream: I decided I was tired of waiting for the perfect time to play Sigil with a blind run for the League that dies to Sigil. So I extract the wad from the zip and when I double click on it it there is only one option and that is to select the Sigil expansion episode. The game loads and a demo starts playing and it is off the rails. It looks like there are new textures or at least the textures have been used in such a way that Sigil looks almost like a new game and is a leap in evolution on JR's last doom maps he made (think of the ones from Thy Flesh Consumed), though it has a similar high octane feel.


The game is next level difficulty. The demo starts out with the player winding down to the right a narrow stairway and then dropping down to a lower level where across the way a large pillar lowers quickly and a cyberdemon is on it and its graphics have been altered slightly to be more menacing and scary with a predominance of gray coloring. The pillar he's on dips below the ground surrounding it and then reappears, bobbing up and down quickly in a way that matches the freneticness of the demo (that same frenetic gameplay that was there in John's vision for the first levels of Doom way back when, except now it's been turned up to twelve in a dramatic, natural landscape). 


The player dodges rockets and moves towards what I guess is a chasm that separates the player from the area where the Cyberdemon is. A pain elemental suddenly pops up in front of the player and just as he does suddenly another platfrom drops down and another cyberdemon is revealed! The pain elemental is quickly annihilated either by rockets from the player, from the cyberdemons or both. The player deftly dodges everything and quickly moves away from the danger. At this point I'm concerned I'm having the game spoiled before making a proper play of Doom League dies to Sigil and I exit the game a bit breathless and thinking, wow, JR has really upped his game. The dream fades out but the thought lingers the rest of the night: can I now not claim to make a blind run of the game when I finally do play 'Hellbent dies to Sigil', or has having seen the demo only for a few moments not quite count as pre-knowledge of the game?


Fortunately that was just a dream and I can still play it. I want to hook it up to my 55" TV when I finally play it for the first time, and since using screenrecording software slows the game down I'll record the FDA using a .lmp and maybe record the audio and my reaction with a separate camera. I have yet to successfully play any game hooked up to the 55" TV but I now know I have to set a mode on the TV to make it work properly. Would be a fitting way to play such a seminal wad for the first time. :)


P.S. I would have made this post in the thread but I'm trying to avoid spoilers so if you reply to this thread please don't post screenshots or other spoilers. :) (or even how much accuracy my dream my accidentally have). 

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I know you said no spoilers, but here's one anyway:


SIGIL has no Pain Elementals


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