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Use of other people's textures?


Howdy everyone, new mapper here on Doomworld.


For years now, I've been a simple consumer of WADs and just a player of Doom, but for the past week or so I've been slowly teaching myself how to make my own map in Doombuilder 2, and I'm pretty confident I know all of the basics to get started on my ideas. The only problem is, I've been working with the default textures this whole time and while a lot of them are great, they just simply wont do the job for my current plans.


My first map I've been drawing up is a submarine interior. So a lot of metal and electronic equipment is needed. However, the vanilla Doom and Doom II textures only take me so far, and I need some new textures. I've noticed there's a public textures thread here on the forum where people post their custom textures, and I was wondering if it's ok for mappers to use them? If not, are there any texture repositories where I can get some custom textures? Thanks for the help in advance.

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Posted (edited)
32 minutes ago, Sugardust said:

I've noticed there's a public textures thread here on the forum where people post their custom textures, and I was wondering if it's ok for mappers to use them?


I think it's generally a safe assumption that the ones in the "Post your textures" thread are safe to use - but not in all cases, so be sure to ask the person who posted them if you're uncertain. I think some of the more frequent posters in that thread (like Jimmy, NiGHTMARE, and Fuzzball) have noted at various points that the stuff they post there is free to be used with credit, but there are definitely some exceptions (ukiro has posted some OTEX work in that thread I think, and the permissions of his OTEX textures are not quite as open as the textures posted by aforementioned folks).


more generally, the resource that Payload linked to is great, as is Realm667. the norm for texture usage in general is that you can more or less use whatever so long as you credit the right folks (but even when you don't, nobody seems to really bat an eye), whether you find the textures in a resource wad like the ones at Realm667, or you pull it from an existing megawad. there are exceptions though, like the aforementioned OTEX, so just be careful that whatever textures you're using don't have more strict usage terms.


when it comes to actually crediting, I usually just provide a list of the names of everyone whose textures I'm using in my README file. something like this:



Fredrik Johansson
Fredrik Johansson
Ola Bjorling
Huy Pham
The GothicDM Team
The Requiem Team
The Eternal Doom Team
id Software
Raven Software
Rogue Entertainment


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Many wads contain a permissions section in the txt detailing the author preferences about the reuse of any custom resources in the wads, and a lot of them are lenient, so check your favourite wads for those. Often a credit is enough. Other wads e.g. community chest series have resource packs associated with them that were freely released along with the wad and should be easy to track down.

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