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How Far We Have Come

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This is my first post onto Doomworld, even though I've been reading and viewing content on here for almost 10 years. Although I only made an official account here just last year, this place has always held a special place in my heart.


E3 is tomorrow, and it'll be showcasing more of Doom Eternal, the newest installment in the series, and will quite possibly reveal a release date. Progressing from it's own successful predecessor that is Doom (2016), it is a direct sequel that will take place on Earth (and now many, many other locations as well).


 Doom Eternal is the game that modern day id wanted to make from the beginning, given that Doom 4 (2007-2013ish) was more than likely going to be the sequel to Doom 3; Doom 3 taking place on Mars, and Doom 4 taking place on Earth.


The last couple of years for the Doom community have been pretty crazy, given that before Doom 2016 came out, the last official Doom game was made in 2005. That is about an 11 year time-span.


At the time, the community was worried about Doom's next step. Although I personally love Doom 3 with a passion, I can say that the game was very much different than the rest. It tried something new, and for the game itself, I think it nailed it pretty well. Doom 3 isn't a bad game, it's just different is all. 


Do I think the series should've went with a realistic-horror feel and style from there on out? No. Doom 4 would've failed. We've seen the (at the time) leaked images, we've seen the concept art, animations, even footage, we saw what Doom was potentially going to be, and it was very worrying. 


Did the Doom franchise go in that direction?




I'll never forget when I first saw that Doom teaser with the Cyberdemon. I thought "My childhood is complete. It is finally here. After years of waiting, Doom has come back to me. I am complete." 


I wasn't able to play Doom 2016 until about 2 years ago. My mom never had the money to get a pc and internet, so that means I had to play Doom on console. Doom 3 and RoE on Xbox, Doom 64, SNES Doom, GBA Doom (emulator on my phone) later on, Doom 3 BFG Edition. That was my childhood. I watched so many videos on YouTube back then, showcasing the latest and greatest content made by this community. I would watch Doom vidoes on YouTube and Newgrounds more than I would watch cartoons. Those were my cartoons lmao.


 Now that I have a PC and internet, and an Xbox One, I can still say, years later, that I love Doom just as much as I did when I was 10 years old. 


I'm actually doing more now, as I play Zandronum occasionally, have started learning about creating WADs, and posting on here for the first time :) 


Doom has always been there for me, through tough times, through lonely times, through times where I was figuring out who I was as a person and why certain things in life happen, Doom has always been there to comfort me, and to just help me forget about everything for a little while. I am so happy that the franchise is getting such good treatment from modern day id and Bethesda. Who would've thought, all these years later, that Bethesda would be Dooms publisher? And not interfere with the games on top of that? It's an awesome time right now for us, our community.


Remember earlier when I said that people were worried about Doom's next step? I didn't say 'Doom's future' now did I? Why did I perhaps not say that? The Doom franchise doesn't really belong to id or Bethesda or anyone anymore, except us. Given the current treatment that the new Doom games have been given in recent years, this community has given the whole franchise even better treatment. There is 25 years worth of content for Doom, and I'm not talking about the official games. Mods, WADs, and everything else alike. There is just so much.


There is also just so much dedication, passion, and love for this custom content. This website even awards the best content, created by us, every year. We, as the Doom community, have come such a long way. It has been such a ride.


 If E3 reveals Doom Eternal to be an absolute wreck of a game, filled with bugs loot boxes, etc., the community will continue on. I seriously think nothing can stop this community in terms of content if we keep that passion, that dedication, alive in us. If Doom Eternal is a flop (which I personally don't think it will be but you never know) it'll do little to no damage onto the Doom name itself. Because we are the owners of this franchise, we have been for the past 25 years.


Doom is forever, we have made sure to establish that.


And it truly is.


I know this post is really long, but this all came from the soul. 


Doom really is Eternal.

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The best (official) things that happened to the doom community after Final Doom were
NRFTL and SI6IL(ok, it's not officially official, but it's from Romero and that counts.) .
I don't like Doom3/ROE/2016 and these games are only remembered because they are
published under the Doom IQ.



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I have yet to play (2016) and unlikely to do so for a long while yet.


On the OG Xbox I liked III overall, didn't care much for RoE. The 360's BFG Edition was even better, I never played III on PC. It was for me how the "Custom PlayStation Edition" for DooM was for PS1, a different experience compared to its PC roots. 


I am glad that DooM continues to thrive in the game industry overwhelmed with what it started, and hope id will continue to do what it was founded on. 





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I haven't really gotten very far into four. I like the design, aesthetics, and agree it's the true oldschool style Doom sequel we needed. I don't like how there isn't mod support and that enemies like the Cyberdemon were bosses, but otherwise, I'm looking forward to Eternal.


It's amazing how far the community has come since Doom first came out. The amount of user-generated content is astonishing. That alone is better than any sequel that could ever come out.

Thanks for making your post. It was well worth the read.

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