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Having problems with LAN server on Chocolate DOOM.

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So, I put "chocolate-doom -connect (My IP)" on the PC I want to join with and "chocolate-doom -server" on the host PC, I ran the .bat file for hosting and the Player list comes up like normal.


But when I run the .bat file for joining I get the error "D_InitNetGame: Failed to connect to (My IP)". I am trying to host a co-op LAN server if that helps.

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Posted (edited)
23 minutes ago, Edward850 said:

You need the IP address of the host, not your own IP.

I tried -autojoin too, and the ip of my host and it doesn't work


Edit: So here's what I did, I ran a .bat file on the host that has "chocolate-doom -server -deathmatch" in it, then I went on the PC I want to join with and ran a .bat file that has "chocolate-doom -autojoin" in it, I get the error "No server found on LAN".


Both computers are connected to the same network and are both in front of me right now, I checked in "Control Panel\Network and Internet\View network computers and devices" and they can both see each other, I can even browse the files of one PC on the other.

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Check if the host machine has a firewall configured; you might need to either disable it or add an exception for Chocolate Doom.


Try using 'ping' to check connectivity between the machines. How are they connected? If it's over WiFi, it's sometimes possible that the default settings on your router don't allow different machines to contact each other for security reasons.


One last suggestion: try using the latest pre-release build of Chocolate Doom. I recently added NAT hole punching which may help here - try searching for your server on the global servers list in the setup tool.

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