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[RELEASE] Broadsword Jim 2.5 - Not the Final Update!

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Over a decade ago I made an MSPaint-style weapon replacement mod. It was awful.


So over the course of May this year, I got to work fairly obsessively on a goofy, sort-of medieval style weapon set for DooM, with my own handdrawn sprites.


So, this WAD follows the adventures of Broadsword Jim, the bloke with a sword for a head, and the sword is pissed off. You can use your own head as a weapon and swing it around while still being able to look in front of you, shhhh don't question it, it's all a bit silly on purpose.


This WAD includes:

-9 new weapons with altfires included

-Diverse and interesting weapon designs and functions

-Somewhat inspired by the Berserk manga

-Slightly over-the-top, anachronistic weaponry

-A new melee system, even more fun with the Berserk powerup!

-A custom status bar and mugshot, so you can really FEEL like a legendary sword sprung to life through sheer anger alone!
-Play it for free! Forever! Right now! Stop reading this and play the mod!


Get it now on itch.io!
(current version: 2.5, 24-09-2020)








29-08-20 v2.3: more polish, more ponch
+Voice lines added!
+Taunt button has been added!
+Custom title, inter and readme music now plays in Heretic
+Replaced the Tome of Power icon when active in Heretic
+Fully charged Fist spark animation is cancellable, no longer creates delay on release
-Fist charging time increased from 24 to 30 tics
~Charged Fist has more visual feedback
~Fully charged Fist has an added sound effect
~Charged Fist impact sound interrupts whiff sound
~Charged Fist whiff sound quietened
~Fixed Fists idle animation playing too often
~Charged Fist emits sparks less often
-Bloodwand vertical spread increased
-Bloodwand fires one less bullet
~Armbalest proj speed decreased
~Armbalest proj size decreased
~Armbalest ripper proj size increased
-Fixed Armbalest firing four rippers at once
+Armbalest ripper damage radius increased
+Armbalest altfire splinter shots have slightly increased accuracy
+Brimstone Bomb velocity increased slightly
~Changed large blood ammo pickup sprite
+Chicken behaviour has been improved greatly
+Chickens can see more clearly and move through levels unimpeded
~Chicken aggression decreased slightly, reducing overkill
~Rage of the Cosmos is replaced with Lesser Rage in Heretic, lasting 40 secs instead of the entire level
+Lesser Rage has a different sprite to distinguish it from Rage of the Cosmos
+Added missing custom pickup sound for Armbalest and Ballbuster
~Fixed console errors.
~Fixed a particular death sound not playing

Full changelog:





id Software
Raven Software

Russel Pearson
Stuart Godbolt
Title and Intermission graphic by Skelegant

Valve Software
Blizzard Entertainment
CturiX Kemilon
Title Theme by Stuart Rynn.
Intermission Theme by Bjorn Lynne.

Programs Used:
SLADE 3.1.2 - coding
GZDoom 4.4 - testing
Audacity - sounds and mixing
Paint.NET - graphics

Dedicated to the memory of Kate Fox. RIP.


This mod requires Ultimate Doom, Doom 2 or Heretic to run.
This mod is intended for GZDoom version 4.0 or above, or GZDoom Vintage 3.8.0 and above. 
Not Zandronum compatible.
Freelook is recommended.


Edited by Baratus : v2.5 release

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Beta 6 of the mod has been released, with just a few gameplay tweaks and added polish.


DL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fo81xgwye08gh6o/ba-BroadSwordJim_b6.wad?dl=0


Added changes:


b6: you should really download this mod I worked hard on it and

    ~Fixed weapon selection priority
    ~Animation tweaked slightly
    +Swing speed increased slightly
    +Primary fire rate increased


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Wow! I've not seen those graphic replacements for the enemies and textures before, but they complement the mod's aesthetic very well! And are those Dungeon Keeper sound effects I'm hearing? On a side note, I liked the music too.


What an excellent showcase! Thank you for making this video!

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Penguin of course funny, but why he farts? I want to note that in some countries and societies such jokes are considered indecent. Or is your mod designed only for american users? )

Small fix, who wants can add this in the end of the sndinfo.


pingu/idle4        idle2

$volume pingu/fart    0
$volume pingu/fart1    0
$volume pingu/fart2    0
$volume pingu/fart3    0
$volume pingu/fart4    0


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A new hotfix for the mod has been released. Actually, it's a lot more than just a hotfix. For starters, there's a new status bar and mugshot!


And as you can see, the Pendant also has a new set of sprites. It's also been completely reworked to be a bit more fun to use.



See the first post for the full list of changes this update.


@Doomenator: Thank you for bringing that up, I don't mean to cause any undue offense. This new version contains new sounds that you could swap the unwanted sounds for, so if you're so inclined you could do something like this:



pingu/idle4                idle2


pingu/fart1                nuut1
pingu/fart2                nuut2
pingu/fart3                nuut3
pingu/fart4                nuut1



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Another hotfix has arrived. An actual hotfix this time, which fixes some minor issues and makes some under-the-hood improvements too.

Download here!

As always, full changelog is in the first post.

Would anyone be interested in a Zandronum-friendly version?

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19 hours ago, Baratus said:


  Hide contents


pingu/idle4                idle2


pingu/fart1                nuut1
pingu/fart2                nuut2
pingu/fart3                nuut3
pingu/fart4                nuut1



Ok. It's much better. )

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My personal belief is that every weapon mod should have a farting Pingu toy weapon.

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Well, time to generate some hype. A major update is coming very soon.
Mark your calendars for April 4th 2020, It's going to be a big one.


Expect the following:
-All weapons will receive balance changes ranging from minor tweaks to complete reworks
-All new weapon sprites and smoother animations
-Crunchy new sounds to make your weapons feel awesome
-Health, armor and powerup replacements
-Heretic compatibility!
-And more!

Full details will follow when the update releases. 


Just to add some kindling to the hype, here are some screenshots:



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Since I didn't yet leave a serious comment, I'll do so now: mod's a ton of fun. Play this!

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Welllll, it's release day. At least in my part of the world, it is. Time to release this thing!


Broadsword Jim 2.0
(art by the lovely Skelegant)


Now before you jump right in, I recommend reading through the list of changes first. Won't take you long.


-Ammo capacity is reduced across all weapons, and ammo pickups give less. You may want to use a variety of weapons or fall back on your melee options when you can!
-New health pickups!
-All Doom powerups and items have new sprites and pickup sounds. and are functionally the same.
-This mod works with Heretic! Its powerups have also been replaced, and while some might be familiar, there are some all new items to boot!
-Every weapon has received changes, ranging from minor tweaks to complete reworks, with all-new sprites. More info below.




1. Broadsword

Reworked with a new set of sprites and animations!
Tap fire to perform a melee combo by tapping fire. Extra damage on final hit.
Altfire will perform a parry to reflect incoming attacks. Hold to charge a forward dash attack.
Berserk Blade deals 2.5x damage.

1a. Fists 
Attacks are much quicker but with reduced damage, comparable to the Broadsword. Exploding Fists deal bonus splash damage.

2. Knives 
New sprites and animations! Altfire throws three knives at once with less accuracy.

3. Bloodhawk Wand
New sounds and snappier animations, plus a smoke effect upon firing.

3a. Ballbuster 
More visual kickback and tweaked firing animation. While still utterly devastating, its damage has been reduced somewhat. Tiny brass balls now have a shorter lifespan.

4. Armbalest 
Tapfire unleashes a quick accurate burst of three spikes, while holding down the fire button will cause a slower automatic fire with lower accuracy. Altfire fires out four penetrating spikes at once, but consumes 6 ammo (somehow).

5. Boulder Bracers 
New altfire animation and visual recoil! The boulder now rumbles as it moves. Functionally, the weapon is largely unchanged.

6. Pendant of Blutengorre
New projectile effects, but a slower fire rate and less overall damage. Projectiles travel faster.
Altfire requires 10 ammo and fires slower, but is still very powerful.

7. Death's Finger Mk.II
Your ultimate weapon has received a rework with all new sprites and sounds.
Primary fire shoots a wall of explosive lead, while altfire has a windup before dealing rapid-fire destruction.

?. Did you find it yet? Incidentally the game's code contains at least 62 instances of the word "fart". It has a secret firemode...




Brimstone Bomb - Explodes. Deals extra impact damage if you lob it at an enemy. Replaces the Time Bomb of the Ancients.


Fustercluck Canister - Conjures a squad of terrifying attack chickens to divebomb your foes. Keep your distance. Replaces the Morph Ovum.

Alchemist's Flight Pack - Grants temporary flight. Replaces the Wings of Wrath.

Time-Out Trinket -  Freezes time, stopping the World in its tracks for 10 seconds. Replaces the Chaos Device.



Now without further delay, go play the mod and have some fun!
(current version 2.0, 04/04/2020)


Full credits included in the first post.

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The new update is here, and it's a HUGE one!

-The Broadsword thrust attack can now pierce multiple enemies!
-The Ballbuster has a new altfire, try it, it'll be a blast!
-Retrieve your knives after throwing them! Sometimes! (Thanks to CaptainJ for the suggestion)
-Status Bar now features icons for your ammo types! (Thanks Darsycho!)
-New menu graphics, including INTERPIC and BOSSBACK screens!
-Balance tweaks and improved weapon feedback across the board
-Much nicer visual effects all round
-Numerous bug fixes
-Compressed sound files for a smaller filesize!
-1000x times more graphics than the next leading AAA Big Videos Game... and INFINITELY better value for your money!

(current version 2.2, 01-08-2020)

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Hmm, I didn't like the way the fist animation works so I tweaked it slightly. Fixed those annoying console errors too. Also Jim has new voice lines, and a taunt button has been added to the mod.

Download here!
(current version 2.3, 29-08-2020)

See the first post for the full changelog.

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5 hours ago, Baratus said:

Download here!
(current version 2.3, 29-08-2020)

These sounds of pain definitely sound better.

I am only confused by the effect of sparks throwing knife when hit mob's.




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Okay, why not, here's another update!

Major changes:
-New sprites for Berserk Blade/Exploding Fists
-HUD sprite alignments tweaked for Broadsword and Throwing Knives
-Broadsword/Berserk Blade damage spread reduced, damage is slightly increased and a bit more consistent
-Fists are now more powerful, having a chance to throw an extra punch, slight range increase
-Fists and Bloodwand lifesteal attack is projectile-based, less finnicky
-Bracers altfire reworked to be much stronger at range and no longer totally broken (you could attack through walls with it. yikes!)
-Armbalest altfire multiple rippers are back, takes longer to refire
-More bug fixes and cleaned up code!

(current version: 2.4, 05-09-2020)



v2.4: remove ponch, projectile stronk
+New idle animation for the Broadsword!
+New sprites have been added to Berserk Blade and Exploding fists, to distinguish from their non-powered versions
+Fists and Bloodwand altfire behaviour reworked, now projectile-based, less chance of misfire
~Fixed charged fist attack not triggering if monster was out of tracking range
+Fixed fully charged Berserk fists reverting to non-powered fully charged attack
+Berserk Fist splash damage radius increased depending on the strength of the attack
+Fists quake radius increased
+Fist altfire forces painstate on monsters
+Fist primary attack damage increased slightly
+Fists have a chance to land an extra attack while autofiring
+Broadsword damage values changed for slightly higher and more consistent damage
+Bloodwand altfire behaviour changed, now projectile-based
+Bloodwand altfire has a new puff effect
-Bloodwand gives 6 ammo on pickup, down from 8
-Fixed Ballbuster not giving ammo on pickup
+Ballbuster projectiles can now bounce in water
+Ballbuster altfire cluster bombs have a much shorter fuse
+Ballbuster altfire bomb spread reduced
+Ballbuster altfire explosion radius increased greatly
+Undid the Armbalest altfire nerf, now fires multiple rippers again
+Armbalest accuracy increased for both burstfire and auto mode
~Armbalest altfire visual recoil increased
-Armbalest ripper damage decreased
-Armbalest altfire fires one less ripper
-Armbalest altfire animation increased by 7 tics
~BOULDER ALTFIRE REWORKED: Summons a line of earth spikes that deal heavy damage and can travel up walls
+Boulder now forces painstate on monsters
+Boulder fall speed decreased
-Boulder damage decreased slightly
~Boulder smoke effects reduced
+Pendant has new firing sound
+Pendant winddown animation decreased by 4 tics
+Pendant altfire ripper wiggles increased
+All projectiles have had their radii decreased to prevent catching on walls and ledges
+SBARINFO changed to include all weapon slots
+Changed some weapon HUD sprite offsets
-Lesser Rage (Heretic only) no longer heals the player up to 100 on pickup
-Secret weapon moved to Slot 8
-Secret weapon spawnchance reduced to 1 in 24, down from 1 in 20
-Fixed secret weapon lacking custom weapon bob
-Backpack sprite replaced
-Bloodwand pickup sprite replaced
~Deleted code for unused actors


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Version 2.5 of Broadsword Jim has been released - some balance changes and reworked code after receiving some very valuable feedback.

+New fancy health pickup sprites!
+Broadsword charging animation sparks can no longer delay the thrust attack
+Ammo for your selected weapon is now highlighted on the Status Bar
+Boulder projectile gravity decreased for effectiveness at range
+Boulder altfire spread increased for hitting more targets
+Death's Finger Mk.II ammo usage increased


Grab it now on itch.io!

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