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[RELEASE] Broadsword Jim - Weapon replacement for Ultimate/Doom II

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Posted (edited)

Over a decade ago I made an MSPaint-style weapon replacement mod. It was awful.


So over the course of May this year, I got to work fairly obsessively on a goofy, sort-of medieval style weapon set for DooM, with my own handdrawn sprites.


So, this WAD follows the adventures of Broadsword Jim, the bloke with a sword for a head, and the sword is pissed off. You can use your own head as a weapon and swing it around while still being able to look in front of you, shhhh don't question it, it's all a bit silly on purpose.


This WAD includes:

-9 new weapons with altfires included

-Diverse and interesting weapon designs and functions

-Somewhat inspired by the Berserk manga

-Slightly over-the-top, anachronistic weaponry

-A new melee system, even more fun with the Berserk powerup!

-No reloading! No cover mechanics! Absolutely no microtransactions!


Download here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fo81xgwye08gh6o/ba-BroadSwordJim_b6.wad?dl=0

(current version b6, 18-07-2019)







Full changelog:



Requires either DOOM.WAD or DOOM2.WAD to run, and GZDoom version4.1.1 or above.

Not compatible with Zandronum.

Not tested with previous versions of GZDoom.



Edited by Baratus : update

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Beta 6 of the mod has been released, with just a few gameplay tweaks and added polish.


DL: https://www.dropbox.com/s/fo81xgwye08gh6o/ba-BroadSwordJim_b6.wad?dl=0


Added changes:


b6: you should really download this mod I worked hard on it and

    ~Fixed weapon selection priority
    ~Animation tweaked slightly
    +Swing speed increased slightly
    +Primary fire rate increased


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Wow! I've not seen those graphic replacements for the enemies and textures before, but they complement the mod's aesthetic very well! And are those Dungeon Keeper sound effects I'm hearing? On a side note, I liked the music too.


What an excellent showcase! Thank you for making this video!

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