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Hell Revealed Music Replacements

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so in HR, only maps 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 28, and 30 have no music replacements, so i decided to get to work and add those replacements from the rott.wad (Rise of the Triads) music wad. the replacement is in my google drive folder for y'all to test those missing replacements out and tell me how it is in your opinions'. i renamed it as "HRMUSREP.wad" for y'all to download it, that's the replacement, maps 20-23 have the same music, and there's no replacement for map 24, i tried and couldn't find any so, don't touch the dehack file yet, i'll let y'all know by making a edit.




Music replacement list:


MAP20-23: "Work Day"

MAP21: Spray

MAP22: Hellero

MAP24: N/A

MAP25: Going Up

MAP26: Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary


MAP30: Shards



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Funny I asked not long ago what music replacements would be good for some of the levels in HR. I gave it a quick whirl. It's pretty nice, but some of the music choices are a bit odd.


As for Map24, I say leave it as it is. The music fits it well enough.

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